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Celtic New Age, Environmental, Ethnic Fusion, Healing, Meditation, Spiritual


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Pop781 Tracks
Alternative734 Tracks
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Country516 Tracks
Electronic488 Tracks
Folk397 Tracks
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Rhythm & Blues308 Tracks
Jazz308 Tracks
Metal / Hard Rock258 Tracks
Gospel190 Tracks
Reggae151 Tracks
International130 Tracks
Classical126 Tracks


SongVault New Age Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
Pheonix_Cpt 69 Ten Tribes Will Rise _ Pheonix Rising Pheonix_Cpt Auditions
Elliott Ranney a good life Elliott Ranney Finals
Roger Rance Air and Water Roger Rance Showcase
Desmond Ivey America Desmond Ivey Finals
Bohemianz feat Gus Miller Ammaretto Bohemianz feat Gus Miller Auditions
Martyrs of Sound Ananda Martyrs of Sound Finals
Chuck Eaton Another day is coming Chuck Eaton Showcase
David Cree Tregenza Aphrodite's Lover David Cree Tregenza Finals
Howard Deneau Baby Girl Howard Deneau Finals
Jeffro Bodeen Before the Storm Jeffro Bodeen Certified
C-less Changes ft Shougy x EsKae x Em-uzzi C-less Auditions
Catya Maré Clouds Catya Maré Certified
david oteman COULD YOU FALL david oteman Auditions
David Churchill Cry Wolf David Churchill Certified
Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry Desert Crossing Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry Auditions
Jim Glass and Friends Desiderata Jim Glass and Friends Finals
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified New Age Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Bruce Boyd Bruce Boyd Electric Blues 1 Sth Coast, W.A.
Catya Maré Catya Maré Romantic 1 Beverly Hills, California
David Churchill David Churchill 3 Highlands ranch, Colorado
David Martinka David Martinka New Age 1 Chesaning, Michigan
Ellen M. Wilson Ellen M. Wilson Adult Contemporary 1 El Paso, Texas
Faith Rivera Faith Rivera Healing 1 long beach, California
Jeffro Bodeen Jeffro Bodeen Singer/Songwriter 1 Asheville, North Carolina
jimfre bacal jimfre bacal Contemporary Blues 1 vancouver, bc
Magnetic Wind Magnetic Wind Meditation 3 Denver, Colorado
Michael Carruth Michael Carruth Smooth Jazz 2 Middleton, New Hampshire
Michael Stillwater Michael Stillwater Healing 1 Witikon, Zurich
Mike Mattera Mike Mattera Country 1 Wildwood, New Jersey
R. Kane R. Kane Ethnic Fusion 2 Mission Viejo, California
Roger Palmer Roger Palmer Alternative 4 Seattle, Washington
World Collision World Collision Ethnic Fusion 1 Sarasota, Florida


Changes ft Shougy x EsKae x Em-uzzi (2016)
New Age
Added March 14th

S'gubhu (2016)
M Obhilayo
New Age
Added February 19th

Genesis (2015)
Paradiso Turturici
New Age
Added May 30th

Illusion Of Forest River (2013)
Rene Saucier
New Age
Added December 1st

Kaddish (Mourner's Prayer) (2012)
Dhruva Aliman
New Age
Added November 28th

Hey little boy (Marc Morlock) (1995)
Marc morlock
New Age
Added October 31st

Desert Crossing (2014)
Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry
New Age
Added October 22nd

Lonely Moon (2014)
Roger Palmer
New Age
Added September 13th
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