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SongVault Metal / Hard Rock Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Auditions
Marya Roxx 21?! Marya Roxx Certified
Another Way of Life 32205 Another Way of Life Certified
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Sixty Miles Down A New Skin Sixty Miles Down Certified
Citadel After the Third World War (LIVE) © CITADEL ® Citadel Auditions
The Salvage Retrograde Age of Fire The Salvage Retrograde Auditions
Toby Taylor Alibi Toby Taylor Certified
Bleach Black Angel of Lost Bleach Black Certified
Agrippa’s Laboratory Ashes Agrippa’s Laboratory Certified
Half Circle Drive Ask You Why Half Circle Drive Certified
sifiso marich awungtshele sifiso marich Auditions
Otis My Man Baby Keep Talkin Otis My Man Finals
Internal Defect Black Splinter Internal Defect Certified
Strident Blood Rage Strident Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Metal / Hard Rock Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
/skerj/ /skerj/ 1 pasadena, California
3 Hours of Darkness 3 Hours of Darkness 1 Ada, Oklahoma
A Quiet Mind A Quiet Mind Hard Rock 4 Corpus Christi, Texas
A Thousand Shades Of Cold A Thousand Shades Of Cold Hard Rock 1 Rochester, New York
Agrippa93 Agrippa93 Industrial Metal 3 Newington, Connecticut
Agrippa’s Laboratory Agrippa’s Laboratory Industrial Metal 1 Newington, Connecticut
Ahedarexia (AKA Wes Ervine) Ahedarexia (AKA Wes Ervine) Hard Rock 1 Tacoma, Washington
Another Way of Life Another Way of Life Modern Rock 2 Jacksonville, Florida
Anthony Vaccaro (VACCARO) Anthony Vaccaro (VACCARO) Metal / Hard Rock 1 Montreal, Quebec
Attackhead Attackhead Heavy Metal 2 , California
Autopilot Club Autopilot Club Rock 1 Oslo, Oslo
Bill Bozly Bill Bozly Adult Contemporary 1 Coeur d’alene, Idaho
Billy Martini Billy Martini Alternative 1 Santa Cruz, California
BILOXI BILOXI Hard Rock 6 BILOXI, Mississippi
Bleach Black Bleach Black Hard Rock 2 Seattle, Washington
Brainsick Spawns Brainsick Spawns New Wave 1 Leskovac, Former Yugoslavia
Carlos Soto Tribus Carlos Soto Tribus Heavy Metal 1 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Dailiss Dailiss Hard Rock 2 Jacksonville, Florida
DISTILLED SPIRITS DISTILLED SPIRITS Metal / Hard Rock 1 Huntington Beach, California
DR. ZILCH DR. ZILCH Industrial Metal 1 Amadora, LX
Exit Stranger Exit Stranger Modern Rock 1 Pretoria, Gauteng
Fear Blind Fear Blind Hard Rock 2 Flint, Michigan
GASM GASM Hard Rock 1 Carleton Place, Ontario
Greenhaven Greenhaven Hard Rock 2 PHOENIX, Arizona
Half Circle Drive Half Circle Drive 1 Long Island, New York
IMARi ToNES IMARi ToNES Hard Rock 1 Yokohama, Kanagawa
Internal Defect Internal Defect Heavy Metal 1 Glendale, Arizona
James D. Gilmore James D. Gilmore Metal / Hard Rock 2 Mason, Ohio
jay g jay g Hard Rock 1 melbourne, Florida
Jeff D'bury Jeff D'bury Hard Rock 2 Columbus, Ohio
Jeff Tewell Jeff Tewell Hard Rock 1 Crossville, Tennessee
Joseph Rodriguez Joseph Rodriguez Hard Rock 2 Ponce, Puerto Rico
JUGULUR JUGULUR Heavy Metal 3 Rialto, California
Knuckle Dragger Knuckle Dragger Hard Rock 2 Auburn, New York
Krysus Krysus Hard Rock 2 Melbourne, Florida
Living Attic Living Attic Heavy Metal 3 Helsinki, Uusimaa
LowBuz LowBuz Hard Rock 2 , New Jersey
Man the Destroyer Man the Destroyer Hard Rock 3 Toronto, Ontario
Marya Roxx Marya Roxx Hard Rock 1 Los Angeles, California
Michael Hilder Michael Hilder Hard Rock 1 Melbourne, Victoria
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
Pivot Pivot Metal / Hard Rock 3 Raleigh, North Carolina
Rags to riches Rags to riches Rock 2 Skien, Telemark
Ray Roldan Ray Roldan Alternative Country 1 Sunland, California
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Sixty Miles Down Sixty Miles Down Hard Rock 6 Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
SKINTILLA SKINTILLA Heavy Metal 2 , Adelaide SA
Sophia Ramos Sophia Ramos Rock & Roll 2 New York, New York
soul eXistence soul eXistence Heavy Metal 1 Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Strident Strident Heavy Metal 3 Cape Town, Western Cape
SubtleFeud SubtleFeud Hard Rock 4 Grove City, Ohio
The Dream Team The Dream Team HipHop / Rap 1 Los Angeles, California
The Salads The Salads Hard Rock 3 Toronto, Ontario
The Young Frankensteins The Young Frankensteins Hard Rock 1 Wellsville, New York
Third Wish Third Wish Hard Rock 2 Camden, Arkansas
Toby Taylor Toby Taylor Hard Rock 1 Hamilton, Alabama
Transient Transient Heavy Metal 2 Vernon, New Jersey
Twelve After Twelve After Heavy Metal 3 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Usual Suspects Usual Suspects Hard Rock 1 Laguna Beach, California
When Summers Gone When Summers Gone Hard Rock 2 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Soldier (2019)
Bruce Ashley
Metal / Hard Rock
Added June 21st

why (2018)
kwanele enock
Metal / Hard Rock
Added May 8th

Metal / Hard Rock
Added April 3rd

MRS ME (2019)
Metal / Hard Rock
Added April 3rd

Pretending (2018)
Azzle Majob
Metal / Hard Rock
Added October 26th

They want my name (2018)
Azzle Majob
Metal / Hard Rock
Added October 26th

PLEASE (2018)
Azzle Majob
Metal / Hard Rock
Added October 12th

I Can't Complain (2018)
Sixty Miles Down
Metal / Hard Rock
Added September 14th
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