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SongVault HipHop / Rap Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Showcase
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Norfolk City Blake Alive or Dead Norfolk City Blake Certified
The Real King Khaos All The Real King Khaos Certified
ILL PO All Eyes On Me ILL PO Certified
Ronnie Run Arrived Ronnie Run Certified
banele sydney ashanti banele sydney Certified
ShaNN the MaNN Big Wheel Choppin ShaNN the MaNN Certified
Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South Birth of a Nation Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South Certified
WazMost Black Girl WazMost Certified
Rhymestarr Bout 2 Go Down Rhymestarr Certified
brighton wiseman Brythreesixty - Xs(prod by 808Mafia & Brythreesixt brighton wiseman Certified
Block Scholars/Slimdog Productions Can U Work For Me ft. 20/20 Block Scholars/Slimdog Productions Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified HipHop / Rap Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
2PUNCH YOBEST 2PUNCH YOBEST Old School 1 Mokopane, Limpopo
3D Dion 3D Dion Dirty South 2 Alexandria, Louisiana
argenis gomez argenis gomez Latin 1 bronx, New York
BadbossMusic- The Pop-Rap phenom BadbossMusic- The Pop-Rap phenom HipHop / Rap 1 NYC, New York
banele sydney banele sydney Alternative Rap 1 carolina, South Carolina
Big D & Young Murph Big D & Young Murph Dirty South 3 Hertford CO, North Carolina
Block Scholars/Slimdog Productions Block Scholars/Slimdog Productions HipHop / Rap 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Blues Bros Blues Bros East Coast Rap 3 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Boo Smith tha Beast Boo Smith tha Beast Dirty South 2 Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Bout Business Bout Business Dirty South 1 Atlanta, Georgia
brighton wiseman brighton wiseman Dirty South 1 Chitungwiza, gauteng
Common Thred Common Thred Alternative Rap 2 Brooklyn, New York
craig craig HipHop / Rap 1 novi, Michigan
Da Killah Genius Da Killah Genius East Coast Rap 6 Lindenwold, New Jersey
DE.SENT AKA YoungFigure DE.SENT AKA YoungFigure Christian HipHop / Rap 1 Tampa, Florida
Dellie Hoskie Dellie Hoskie Old School 3 New Haven, Connecticut
Derrick Jordan Derrick Jordan Dirty South 1 montgomery, Alabama
DJ Wheelz DJ Wheelz HipHop / Rap 1 Amsterdam, Holland
DON CISCO DON CISCO Alternative Rap 2 SAN FRAN, California
Drew Diego Bennett Drew Diego Bennett Latin 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South Evilsuperstars starring KURSK + Top of Da South Rock 1 Los Angeles, California
Fam Fam Records/Drop-Zone Fam Fam Records/Drop-Zone East Coast Rap 4 Long Island/N.Y.C./Boston Mass., New York
freak freak Alternative Rap 3 greenfeild, Missouri
Hoke World Hoke World HipHop / Rap 1 Aurora, Colorado
ILL PO ILL PO East Coast Rap 1 Greensboro, North Carolina
I_one Affiliates I_one Affiliates Dirty South 2 Dallas, Texas
J. Frost J. Frost Alternative Rap 1 Atlanta, Georgia
Jay McGee Jay McGee Contemporary Gospel 1 Flint, Michigan
Jenny Katz Jenny Katz Singer/Songwriter 1 New Haven, Connecticut
joe DOE joe DOE Alternative Rap 3 Hudson Valley, New York
Joey Haire Joey Haire Industrial Metal 1 Cincinnati, Ohio
Justin Timpane Justin Timpane Indie Pop 1 Warrenton, Virginia
Kesan Kesan Alternative Rap 1 Atanta, Georgia
Lil Max IV Michet Lil Max IV Michet Alternative Rap 9 Klerksdorp city, North west
LoKey512 LoKey512 HipHop / Rap 2 Dallas, Texas
louisiana vutton louisiana vutton Dirty South 2 shreveport, Louisiana
Maryline Blackburn Maryline Blackburn Alternative 1 Fairbanks, Alaska
Miguel  Angel Montalvo Miguel Angel Montalvo Latin 3 kissimmee, Florida
Mire Jordan Mire Jordan HipHop / Rap 1 Tifton, Georgia
MOLOCO MOLOCO Alternative Rap 1 Los Angeles, California
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
mseemercury mseemercury Alternative Rap 1 san diego, California
Nina Ross the Queen Nina Ross the Queen HipHop / Rap 8 Nashville, Tennessee
Norfolk City Blake Norfolk City Blake Breakbeat 2 Norfolk, Virginia
Pine Grove Boys Pine Grove Boys Dirty South 1 Bay Minette, Alabama
Q THE MARVOLOUS Q THE MARVOLOUS East Coast Rap 3 Las Vegas, Nevada
Rhymestarr Rhymestarr East Coast Rap 2 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ricky r ricky r Alternative Rap 1 atlanta, Georgia
Ronnie Run Ronnie Run Old School 8 Winterville, North Carolina
RZ Pharaoh RZ Pharaoh Alternative Rap 2 Seattle, Washington
S.O.P. S.O.P. 1 pickering, ontario
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Sallah-Dolla Sallah-Dolla East Coast Rap 3 Greenville, North Carolina
SAM R SAM R East Coast Rap 1 Miami, Florida
ShaNN the MaNN ShaNN the MaNN HipHop / Rap 1 Atlanta, Georgia
SKULL FONTS SKULL FONTS HipHop / Rap 1 Newark, NJ, New Jersey
SPARK1DUH? SPARK1DUH? Alternative Rap 3 SAINT LOUIS, Missouri
T1 T1 Alternative Rap 2 Milpitas, California
Take$MOney(Da Engineer) Take$MOney(Da Engineer) East Coast Rap 3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
THE PSYCH WARD THE PSYCH WARD Alternative Rap 3 Dallas, Texas
The Real King Khaos The Real King Khaos HipHop / Rap 3 Assassination City, Texas
Travis Wayne Travis Wayne HipHop / Rap 1 Austin, Texas
Tru Tru East Coast Rap 5 Atlanta, Georgia
WazMost WazMost HipHop / Rap 1 Newark, New Jersey
William Smith William Smith Dirty South 1 Dallas, Texas
WXLF WXLF Industrial 1 Bloemfontein, Mississippi


rugged style (2020)
Cristyzles Da Chosen 1
HipHop / Rap
Added October 16th

1 strike to recite (2020)
Cristyzles Da Chosen 1
HipHop / Rap
Added October 16th

South Africans (2019)
Lil X
HipHop / Rap
Added October 9th

Pains (2019)
Lil X
HipHop / Rap
Added October 9th

End of time (2020)
Emotion rsa
HipHop / Rap
Added October 3rd

Free your mind (2020)
Brain boy
HipHop / Rap
Added September 30th

Till we pull up (2020)
MSB Da Killa
HipHop / Rap
Added September 30th

have s dreams (2011)
Given Gasela
HipHop / Rap
Added September 23rd
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