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How SongVault Works

Using SongVault

How SongVault Works

What is SongVault?
You can learn about the SongVault philosophy as it relates to artists, music fans and listeners, radio stations, podcasters, music stores, distributors and independent record labels by visiting our About SongVault page.

How does the SongVault qualification process work?
To give every artist a fair chance in having their music represented and voted properly, we've put together a 3 stage qualification process before songs are placed on our radio network.

Songs are placed on each stage for a minimum of 4 weeks before they are either promoted to the next stage or disqualified.

Songs that have qualified to the next stage are rotated and added every Tuesday of the week. Songs that are promoted to the next stage have their voting reset back to zero in order to make the qualification process fair for all artists represented on that stage.

A minimum of 40 songs must be on a stage before song rotation occurs.

The name of the stages and qualification objectives to move to the next stage are as follows:

  1. SongVault Auditions - Songs that are uploaded to SongVault are automatically placed in the audition stage. Based on listeners votes, songs that receive the highest amount of votes at the end of each week that are ranked on the chart at the 25th position or higher and have been on the audition stage for 4 weeks or more move to the 2nd stage (SongVault Showcase). Songs that have been on the stage for 4 weeks or more and are not in the top 100 of the charts are disqualified.

  2. SongVault Showcase - Songs that are ranked on the Showcase chart at the 10th position or higher move to the SongVault Finals. Songs that have been on the showcase stage for 4 weeks or more and are in the 51st position or lower in the chart are disqualified.

  3. SongVault Finals Songs that are ranked on the chart at the 5th position or higher move to the SongVault Radio Station and into the SongVault Directory. Songs that have been on the stage for 4 weeks or more and are in the 41st position or lower in the chart are disqualified.

  4. SongVault Radio - Songs that made it through the certification process are given a permanent placement on the SongVault radio network and placed in the SongVault Directory, representing a music catalog featuring "the best of the best" songs by independent musicians. Artists are also given an upgraded artist profile and the chance to be on a featured artist podcast for further marketing promotion.

How do songs get their ranking on the radio charts?
Songs are ranked based upon the total amount of listener's votes and then by how long they've been on a stage or radio station.

What type of songs are acceptable for me to submit?
All songs submitted that are your original copyrighted material and you're willing to exempt public performance royalties are welcome. We do not accept songs submitted that are "Cover Songs". They must be your original material.

We will not take a submission of songs with inappropriate lyrics. If your song contains offensive language, profanity, promotes violence or derogatory remarks towards any race, creed or religion, we have the right to refuse submission of the song.

Using SongVault

What types of file format do you accept for uploading?
We accept mp3s in 128kbps or higher with or without variable bit rate.

My song was on the top of the charts for several weeks and now my song has fallen closer to the bottom of the charts. What happened?

The reason songs can have a dramatic change in there rank on the charts is from the weekly rotation of songs be added and removed from that particular stage or radio station. The charts are updated on an hourly basis rather than daily or weekly and can also show a dramatic change in ranking of particular songs within a chart.

How can I further promote my music on

Visit our 'promote' page, which the link can be found at the bottom of every page on SongVault. Here you will find various sized banners and displays which you can place on your own web page or other sites you have an account with to help promote and let others know to vote for your music on SongVault.

Will SongVault place my music on the website if I send my CD to you in the mail?

Sorry but we currently don't offer this as a service and ask that all artist upload their music to their SongVault artist profile themselves.
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