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SongVault Classical Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Auditions
Mark Bloss 3. Scherzo for Solo Piano Disillusion Mark Bloss Finals
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Kaiserin Rebecca A Lonely Anniversary Kaiserin Rebecca Certified
Parchment Farm Acoustic Heaven Parchment Farm Showcase
Allison Greenlee Ad Astra Allison Greenlee Finals
Les Fradkin Air On A G String Les Fradkin Auditions
John Spalding Allegro John Spalding Auditions
Ted Argo Bach Air Ted Argo Showcase
Hasibul Hasan Avi Batton ko Teri Hasibul Hasan Avi Auditions
Daniel Pisciotta Blessings (Part 2 - Shelbarella) Daniel Pisciotta Finals
Kent Welton Brahms Escape Kent Welton Finals
Roger Palmer Ce Soir Roger Palmer Showcase
Cathedral Circus Cathedral Auditions
Burkhard Mahler Classical Guitardialogue Burkhard Mahler Showcase
Eric Blair Clockwork Eric Blair Auditions
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Classical Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Abandoned Toys Abandoned Toys Modern 1 Atlanta, Georgia
Amelia Scheider Amelia Scheider Baroque 2 Portland, Oregon
Azimuth Azimuth Christian Pop / Rock 2 Belfair, Washington
Catya Maré Catya Maré Romantic 1 Beverly Hills, California
Charlene Lockwood Charlene Lockwood Contemporary Classical 1 Washington, DC
Daniel Hendrick Daniel Hendrick Contemporary Classical 1 Spring Valley, California
Daniel Kreder Daniel Kreder Contemporary Classical 2 Wangen a/A, BE
Diane Severson Diane Severson Baroque 1 Hannover, Lower-Saxony
ioan harea ioan harea Romantic 1 ottawa, ontario
Kaiserin Rebecca Kaiserin Rebecca Romantic 3 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Mike Perlowin Mike Perlowin Contemporary Classical 2 Los Angeles, California
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
Orchestronics Orchestronics Symphony 1 San Diego, California
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Steve Vandes Steve Vandes Modern Rock 1 Holbeach, Lincolnshire


tough (2019)
Deejay_Understand wa_cool-steady
Added July 5th

Uzobalanda (2019)
Gcina Mananga
Added June 11th

Inna - Hot ( Arrangement By Hamid Zahedi ) (2019)
Hamid Zahedi
Added June 4th

Mr glass vill (2018)
Muchidzi Frank
Added November 23rd

Mr glass vill story (2018)
Muchidzi Frank
Added November 23rd

Jigita (2017)
Mr Bobzy
Added November 4th

playback - Deb/ Music composer- Sachin pathak/ Mus (2018)
Suro Jit Ghosal
Added August 26th

Tum dil ki soulful (2018)
Prem pratap Rana
Added July 29th
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