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SongVault Christian Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Showcase
SeptuagintLXX 1Abaddon King: March of the Locusts SeptuagintLXX Certified
2 Live Is Christ Records 3.1.4 2 Live Is Christ Records Certified
D.O.X. 66 guns D.O.X. Certified
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Smith and Wilson A Little While More Smith and Wilson Certified
Mr. C-N.I.L.E. (Notorious In Lyrical Expression) A NU Level Of Crunk Mr. C-N.I.L.E. (Notorious In Lyrical Expression) Certified
Mack Shandley All of Me for You (feat Lauren Gillespie) Mack Shandley Auditions
Blue Chip Specialist All Over Me Blue Chip Specialist Certified
Thabiso Krazy Am not afraid Thabiso Krazy Showcase
Jaustian Productions Amazing Grace(I Believe) Jaustian Productions Certified
The Goldilocks Enigma Babylon Is Fallen The Goldilocks Enigma Finals
Mylin Brimm Back to You Mylin Brimm Certified
ceekay ceekay Banomona ceekay ceekay Showcase
HumbleTIP Bars For Da King HumbleTIP Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Christian Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
2 Live Is Christ Records 2 Live Is Christ Records Christian HipHop / Rap 2 St.Louis, Missouri
22N 22N Christian HipHop / Rap 1 Asbury Park, New Jersey
2nd chance 2nd chance Christian HipHop / Rap 7 moreno valley, California
7vnseal a.k.a Gods dagger 7vnseal a.k.a Gods dagger Christian HipHop / Rap 1 san antonio, Texas
Adrian Turner Adrian Turner Christian Urban / R&B 2 Arlington, Virginia
Adriane Blanco Adriane Blanco Christian Pop / Rock 16 Phoenix, Arizona
AFC PRAISE AFC PRAISE Christian Urban / R&B 1 euclid, Ohio
AltarEdge AltarEdge Christian Pop / Rock 3 Pocatello, Idaho
argenis gomez argenis gomez Latin 1 bronx, New York
Ascending Son Ascending Son Christian Country 2 chowchilla, California
Awaken Iscariot Awaken Iscariot Christian Metal 1 Baltimore, Maryland
Azimuth Azimuth Christian Pop / Rock 2 Belfair, Washington
BEAU RENFRO BEAU RENFRO Country 3 Tucson, Arizona
Betty overstreet Betty overstreet Christian Country 2 Vacaville, California
Blue Chip Specialist Blue Chip Specialist Christian HipHop / Rap 1 Louisville, Kentucky
Boss Lady Promotions Boss Lady Promotions Rhythm & Blues 1 Atlanta, Georgia
Bradley Bradley Christian Urban / R&B 2 Covington, Georgia
Brandon Hixson Brandon Hixson Christian Pop / Rock 3 Cedar Hill, Texas
Bruce Fite Bruce Fite General Children's Music 1 Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Bryan Alston/ Mr Flave Bryan Alston/ Mr Flave Christian HipHop / Rap 3 Baltimore, Maryland
Campain Campain Christian HipHop / Rap 1 Jamaica, New York
Carl Dennis Carl Dennis Christian Urban / R&B 2 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Carolan Freeman Carolan Freeman Christian Country 3 Maud, Texas
Chad Chaney Chad Chaney Christian Pop / Rock 2 Austin, Texas
Chyrch Chyrch Christian HipHop / Rap 3 chicago, Illinois
Crosswind Crosswind Christian Pop / Rock 1 Austin, Texas
CUPIDS BOW CUPIDS BOW Praise / Worship 3 Brooklyn, New York
D.O.X. D.O.X. Christian HipHop / Rap 2 tucson, Arizona
David Brinson David Brinson Praise / Worship 2 Orlando, Florida
David Kocijan David Kocijan Christian Pop / Rock 2 Brezice, Slovenia
DE.SENT AKA YoungFigure DE.SENT AKA YoungFigure Christian HipHop / Rap 2 Tampa, Florida
Dee Dee Downs Dee Dee Downs Christian Country 3 Franklin, North Carolina
Deleta Hodges Deleta Hodges Christian 1 Smoaks, South Carolina
Dennis Culpepper Dennis Culpepper Christian Country 6 Gulfport, Mississippi
Derek Close Derek Close Hard Rock 1 Kalispell, Montana
DJ FELLA & ANOINTED VOICES DJ FELLA & ANOINTED VOICES Contemporary Gospel 4 Baltimore, Maryland
Donna Marshall Donna Marshall Christian Blues 2 Oxnard, California
Drew Diego Bennett Drew Diego Bennett Latin 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Duke Nguyen Browning, Songwriter Duke Nguyen Browning, Songwriter Christian Pop / Rock 3 Houston, Texas
ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. Contemporary Gospel 2 Plainsboro, New Jersey
Fishers of Men Fishers of Men Christian Blues 1 Denver, Colorado
FORGOD FORGOD Praise / Worship 1 WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
Fred McKinnon Fred McKinnon Praise / Worship 1 Saint Simons Island, Georgia
Freddie Johnson Freddie Johnson Christian Country 3 Sarasota, Florida
G-GANG G-GANG Christian HipHop / Rap 1 richmond, Virginia
G-Status G-Status Christian Urban / R&B 4 Stone Mountain, Georgia
George Arriola/Vyking Recordings George Arriola/Vyking Recordings Instrumental Rock 1 El Paso, Texas
Glendon MacBurnie Glendon MacBurnie Children's Pop 1 Halifax, NS
God's Light God's Light Christian Urban / R&B 6 Lancaster, South Carolina
Gord Lang Gord Lang Christian Country 5 Winnipeg, Manitoba
gordon whitlock gordon whitlock Christian Pop / Rock 2 phoenix, Arizona
Gospel Truth Gospel Truth 1 Richmomd, California
Hailey Dawn Hailey Dawn Christian Pop / Rock 1 Western, North Carolina
Heavenly Heavenly Christian Pop / Rock 1 mt maunganui, bay of plenty
HumbleTIP HumbleTIP 2 Lynchburg, Virginia
ICEE JAKE ICEE JAKE Christian HipHop / Rap 1 COLUMBUS, Ohio
Ike Burna Ike Burna HipHop / Rap 1 Orlando, Florida
Jacob Blue Jacob Blue Christian Pop / Rock 2 Mobile, Alabama
Jason Lawrence Jason Lawrence Country Blues 1 Pikeville, Kentucky
Jaustian Productions Jaustian Productions Easy Listening 1 Great Falls, Montana
Jeffro Bodeen Jeffro Bodeen Singer/Songwriter 1 Asheville, North Carolina
JERMAINE TAYLOR JERMAINE TAYLOR Christian Urban / R&B 1 jacksonville, Florida
Jerry Lynn Parks Jerry Lynn Parks Christian 2 Elizabethton, Tennessee
Jesse McIntyre Jesse McIntyre Christian Blues 3 theodore, Alabama
Jimmie T. Braden/ J. Thomas Jimmie T. Braden/ J. Thomas Christian Urban / R&B 3 Vallejo, California
Joe Wamsley Joe Wamsley Christian 8 Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
John Green / Recent Rainfall John Green / Recent Rainfall Praise / Worship 6 Goodyear, Arizona
John Johnson John Johnson Pop 6 Galena, Maryland
John Penney John Penney Christian Country 2 Vienna, Georgia
Jolene Riley Jolene Riley Praise / Worship 3 Orange County, California
Jonathan Dorn Jonathan Dorn Gospel 1 Orlando, Florida
joshlee ulysse joshlee ulysse Christian HipHop / Rap 3 orlando, Florida
JP JP Christian Urban / R&B 2 Maplewood, New Jersey
Katholicus Katholicus Christian Pop / Rock 1 Frederick, Maryland
KENT CAMBELL KENT CAMBELL Christian Blues 1 toronto, ont
Kevin Kevin "K-Bee" Bridges Christian 1 Wheatley Heights, New York
L'Nay L'Nay Christian Urban / R&B 3 Atlanta, Georgia
Lovener Walcott Lovener Walcott Christian Urban / R&B 3 New York, New York
Lynne Clarke Lynne Clarke Christian Folk 2 Staten Island, New York
MasterMixx MasterMixx Christian HipHop / Rap 1 PIKESVILLE, Maryland
Matt Culpepper Matt Culpepper Christian Country 2 Gulfport, Mississippi
Michael Harbison Michael Harbison Christian Urban / R&B 1 Marietta, Georgia
Michael Howard Michael Howard Christian Pop / Rock 3 McKinney, Texas
Michele L Sarrett Michele L Sarrett Christian Pop / Rock 1 Scottsdale, Arizona
Miguel  Angel Montalvo Miguel Angel Montalvo Latin 3 kissimmee, Florida
Minute to Midnight Minute to Midnight Christian Urban / R&B 3 Huntsville, Alabama
Mr Conscious Mr Conscious Christian HipHop / Rap 4 Bristol, Avon
Mr. C-N.I.L.E. (Notorious In Lyrical Expression) Mr. C-N.I.L.E. (Notorious In Lyrical Expression) Christian 7 Baltimore, Maryland
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
Murphy L. Henderson Jr. Murphy L. Henderson Jr. Christian Country 5 Russellville, Arkansas
Mylin Brimm Mylin Brimm Christian Urban / R&B 3 Kansas City, Missouri
mz HeavenSent mz HeavenSent Christian HipHop / Rap 3 San.Bernardino, California
N'aeem N'aeem Christian HipHop / Rap 1 Orlando, Florida
Page Lynch Page Lynch Christian Pop / Rock 13 Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Panos Kappos Panos Kappos Christian Pop / Rock 4 New York, New York
Patricia Ivey Patricia Ivey Christian Pop / Rock 1 El Paso, Texas
Patricia Ivey Patricia Ivey Christian Pop / Rock 2 El Paso, Texas
patrick frame patrick frame Christian Urban / R&B 1 heathrow, london
Quigley James Quigley James Praise / Worship 1 Farmington, Connecticut
Rap Artist - Young Fii Rap Artist - Young Fii Christian HipHop / Rap 1 winter haven, Florida
Reh Dogg Reh Dogg HipHop / Rap 3 Holyoke, Massachusetts
Rene Saucier Rene Saucier Christian Country 1 Penacook, New Hampshire
Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes Singer/Songwriter 2 BROOKLYN, New York
Rhymes 4 Tha End Times Rhymes 4 Tha End Times Christian HipHop / Rap 3 Hot Springs, Arkansas
robert lewis robert lewis Christian 2 Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Rosalee Moore Rosalee Moore Southern Gospel 1 Jackson, Kentucky
RUSS SHANKS RUSS SHANKS Christian HipHop / Rap 14 baltimore, Maryland
Ruth Greene Ruth Greene Christian 1 Nashville, Tennessee
Ryan Sheeler Ryan Sheeler Singer/Songwriter 1 Ames, Iowa
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Samille Johnson Samille Johnson Christian Urban / R&B 1 Victorville, California
Saneal2 Saneal2 Christian Urban / R&B 1 Orlando, Florida
Scrap Iron Sun Scrap Iron Sun Indie Rock 1 West Springfield, Massachusetts
SeptuagintLXX SeptuagintLXX Christian 1 , Wisconsin
Sheflowz Sheflowz Christian HipHop / Rap 2 Huntsville, Alabama
Sheila Reich/Just Sheila/Road To Life Sheila Reich/Just Sheila/Road To Life Christian Country 3 Welty, OK
Shelley Jennings Shelley Jennings Christian 1 Nashville, Tennessee
SHY TREE SHY TREE Indie Rock 2 Temple, Texas
Singing Evangelists Singing Evangelists Christian Country 1 Somerset, Kentucky
SixtySix Records SixtySix Records Modern Rock 2 Vienna, Vienna
Smith and Wilson Smith and Wilson Christian Country 3 Dickson, Tennessee
Spirit Surge Spirit Surge Christian Pop / Rock 7 Phoenix, Arizona
Splendorleaf Splendorleaf Christian Pop / Rock 1 Dawson, Texas
Steve Harrold Steve Harrold Christian 2 St. Louis, Missouri
steve wills steve wills Christian Pop / Rock 3 columbus, Indiana
Susan Wood Susan Wood Christian 3 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Symintha Radford Symintha Radford Praise / Worship 2 Rockwall, Texas
tanya cristina tanya cristina Christian Urban / R&B 1 London, UK
Terhi Harper Terhi Harper Christian 1 Helsinki, UUD
TRECE TRECE "The Evidence" Christian HipHop / Rap 3 San Antonio, Texas
TRU SOLDIER TRU SOLDIER Christian HipHop / Rap 3 Baltimore, Maryland
Variola Etienne Variola Etienne Christian Urban / R&B 2 Reading, Pennsylvania
Verbal Contact Verbal Contact HipHop / Rap 6 Kansas City, Missouri
Wallace Rahming Wallace Rahming Christian Urban / R&B 5 Happy Place, Florida
Wayne Brodie Wayne Brodie Contemporary Country 1 Greensboro, North Carolina
Wayne Douglas Kabanuck Wayne Douglas Kabanuck Country 1 Max,, North Dakota
Weekend Warrior Worship Weekend Warrior Worship Praise / Worship 3 Glendale, Arizona
What Things? What Things? Christian Pop / Rock 3 Laconia, Indiana
William Smith William Smith Praise / Worship 2 Warren, Ohio


I Need Help (2020)
Added January 22nd

I Want To Be Like (2020)
Added January 22nd

The Blood (2020)
Added January 22nd

God will send an Angel (2018)
Betty overstreet
Added January 13th

Anytime or anywhere be ready (2017)
Betty overstreet
Added January 13th

Dreams don't always happen (2018)
Betty overstreet
Added January 13th

Malylon swagger - my job type beat (2020)
Malylon Swagger
Added January 8th

Lay You Down (2019)
Thamsanqa Gumede
Added November 17th
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