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SongVault Blues Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
Big Daddy's New Band 6345789 Big Daddy's New Band Certified
Elliott Ranney a good life Elliott Ranney Finals
Rene Saucier A Starry Night's Dream Rene Saucier Certified
Jim Glass and Friends Ain't No License for the Blues Jim Glass and Friends Certified
Paul J Deegan Aint got no money Paul J Deegan Certified
jim blachura Albatross jim blachura Auditions
starla angus All Alone starla angus Finals
Sal Belloise All Your Love Sal Belloise Certified
Desmond Ivey America Desmond Ivey Finals
Bohemianz feat Gus Miller Ammaretto Bohemianz feat Gus Miller Auditions
Chuck Eaton Another day is coming Chuck Eaton Showcase
Brent Kozak Arrested Brent Kozak Certified
Howard Deneau Baby Girl Howard Deneau Finals
endelouz Bad Connections endelouz Certified
The Snakehandlers Blues Band Bad Girls The Snakehandlers Blues Band Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Blues Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Allah Ali Allah Ali Country Blues 1 Kingman, Arizona
Ana Popovic Ana Popovic Contemporary Blues 3 Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Auriemma Auriemma Folk 1 Bellingham, Washington
Autopilot Club Autopilot Club Rock 1 Oslo, Oslo
Barbara Martin Barbara Martin Acoustic Blues 2 Staunton, Virginia
Big Daddy's New Band Big Daddy's New Band 1 birminghama, Alabama
Blue News Blue News Electric Blues 2 Terre Haute, Indiana
Brent Kozak Brent Kozak Acoustic Blues 1 Knysna, western cape
Brian Caudill Brian Caudill Singer/Songwriter 2 Clearwater, Florida
BUCK69 BUCK69 Contemporary Blues 11 Toledo, Ohio
dan sloane dan sloane Electric Blues 2 tioga, Texas
Dave LaGrande Dave LaGrande Blues 1 Nashville, Tennessee
Dave Sadler Dave Sadler Electric Blues 3 Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Dave Sherman Dave Sherman Acoustic Blues 1 Tyler, Texas
David Bennett Cohen David Bennett Cohen Country Blues 2 New York, New York
Duff Ferguson Duff Ferguson Indie Pop 1 Los Angeles, California
Ed Hornung Ed Hornung Electric Blues 1 Boise, Idaho
endelouz endelouz Rock 1 Chattanooga, Tennessee
Eric Bailey Eric Bailey Classical 1 Livingston, Montana
Fremont John Ashton Fremont John Ashton Adult Alternative 1 Englewood, Florida
Jackbone Dixie Jackbone Dixie Americana 1 stevenson, Washington
Jay Johnson Jay Johnson Singer/Songwriter 1 Dallas, Texas
Jeff Naideau Jeff Naideau Delta Blues 1 New Orleans, Louisiana
jerry forney jerry forney Electric Blues 10 st.Joseph, Missouri
Jim Glass and Friends Jim Glass and Friends Adult Alternative 1 Peoria, Arizona
Jimmy Nickelsen Band Jimmy Nickelsen Band Blues 2 Kansas City, Missouri
Jimmy T Harris Jimmy T Harris Americana 1 Snellville, Georgia
JM Cruiz JM Cruiz Jazz 2 Tacoma, Washington
john covert/crystal image john covert/crystal image Electric Blues 1 jackson, California
Keith Curtis Keith Curtis Contemporary Country 1 Phoenix, Arizona
Kevin Navis Kevin Navis Country Blues 2 simi valley, California
Kim Koren Kim Koren Adult Alternative 1 Dundas, Ontario
Marc Leon Marc Leon Blues 1 Bendigo, Vic
MEM SHANNON MEM SHANNON Contemporary Blues 1 new orleans, Louisiana
Mike Mattera Mike Mattera Country 1 Wildwood, New Jersey
Mike Zito Mike Zito Rock 1 Nederland, Texas
MOSESKANE MOSESKANE Alternative Country 2 juneau, Alaska
Outlaw X Outlaw X Contemporary Blues 6 Glendale, California
Pamela G Pamela G Smooth Jazz 1 Garden Grove, California
Paul J Deegan Paul J Deegan Acoustic Blues 1 Carlisle, Cumbria
Paul Klemperer Paul Klemperer Contemporary Blues 3 Austin, Texas
Petey & the Ravens Petey & the Ravens Contemporary Blues 1 orlando, Florida
Pierre Opperman Pierre Opperman Indie Pop 1 Knysna, Western Cape
Rafiya Rafiya Soul 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rene Saucier Rene Saucier Christian Country 6 Penacook, New Hampshire
REVEREND ZEN REVEREND ZEN Adult Alternative 2 Katonah,, New York
Revolution Blue Revolution Blue Rock 1 Boise, Idaho
rex havoc rex havoc New Acoustic 1 manchester, Connecticut
Ron McManaman Ron McManaman Country Blues 2 Kansas City, Missouri
Royce Aube Royce Aube Country Blues 3 Miramichi, New Brunswick
Rusty Wright Rusty Wright Contemporary Blues 3 Flint, Michigan
Sal Belloise Sal Belloise Adult Contemporary 1 Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sharon Newport Sharon Newport Country Blues 3 Birmingham, Alabama
starla angus starla angus Singer/Songwriter 1 long beach, California
Steve Duffy Steve Duffy Acoustic Blues 1 Dublin, Dublin
STEVE SKINNER STEVE SKINNER Acoustic Blues 1 Brisbane, Queensland
Sweet Claudette Sweet Claudette Electric Blues 3 Berkley, Michigan
Sweet Claudette Sweet Claudette Electric Blues 3 Berkley, Michigan
The Mighty Q.C. 5 The Mighty Q.C. 5 Electric Blues 3 Charlotte, North Carolina
The Phil Brookes Reputation The Phil Brookes Reputation Blues 1 Wellingborough, northants
the phil davis band the phil davis band Electric Blues 1 Royse City, Texas
The Snakehandlers Blues Band The Snakehandlers Blues Band Electric Blues 1 Franklin, Indiana
The Trail The Trail Acoustic Blues 1 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Tom Principato Tom Principato Rock 3 Falls Church, Virginia
tommie brewster tommie brewster Acoustic Blues 7 Auckland, North Island,
Wayne Thomas Wayne Thomas Classic Country 1 Warsaw, Missouri


Warehouse Blues 2 (2016)
Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry
Added March 28th

Jumpin' (Live) (2016)
Chris Murphy Elliott
Added March 11th

Memphis Belle (2016)
Chris Murphy Elliott
Added March 11th

Song For Carmine (2012)
Chris Murphy Elliott
Added March 11th

Do It Some More (2010)
tommie brewster
Added March 1st

You Stole Him (2010)
tommie brewster
Added March 1st

Make It Easy On Me (2012)
tommie brewster
Added March 1st

The Place! (2016)
Phillip Foxley
Added February 20th
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