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I'm a melody maker
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I'm a melody maker
Length: 3:36
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POINT - Atomical Fantasy
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POINT - Atomical Fantasy
Trip Flip Out Meditation
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Zweistein Jaques Dorian
Zweistein Jaques Dorian

los angeles
California, United States

Trippy / European

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The enclosed Triple-CD is a very special reissue of an early Krautrock “legendary” experimental triple-album from 1970 which is one of the most rare and sought after out-of-print album projects of this era. The last album version sold for 695.- Euro on ebay in November 2006.

The Triple-Album was originally released in 1970 by PHILLIPS in Germany. They manufactured 6000 copies and pulled it off the market after 1 year. There was also a single which was co-produced with Christian Bruhn and released after the LPS were licensed which is added as bonus tracks on the CD reissue. Interestingly enough Peter Kramper the sound engineer who created special sound effects and mixed Zweistein was also Amon Duul’s engineer.

It was a challenge to redo the elaborate artwork of the original release but KEN MATSUTANI, the owner of Captain Trip Records did an incredible job!


Zweistein (two-stone) was born in an enlightened moment of the twentieth century – zweistein came into realization for the first time in trip - flip out – meditation. consciously incarnated in 1970 zweistein is present – remembering the sorcerer’s kitchen of dr. faustus – still wandering amongst the pyramids of egypt, resting at the feet of the sphinx, meditating in the temple of delphi and playing with the seven-stringed lyra of orpheus. since eight years we are living in the age of consciousness, the age of aquarius. consciousness is the key to everything – if you have precisely read shakespeare you will find yourself amidst the ‘hamlet dilemma’ through the magical medium of zweistein’s music. The motto is: to be or not to be is not a question. allow yourself to be swayed by the sound. Go with it. trip is a journey into the wonderland of the psyche of our century. your soul is in the music. your associations are mirrored in the magical vision of a musical self analysis. the first step into the evolution of consciousness, the understanding of over and underground melodies, rhythms, sounds is the beginning - a very simple song – which can be heard by everyone. objective and subjective are not being separated anymore, music is the sculptured tone in conjunction with the universal laws of nature, which we can recognize while listening and expressing. the universe is singing and sounding with frequencies the human ear cannot always hear. a very simple song is the song we hear in these times when standing at the doorsteps of micro- and macro-cosmos. zweistein (two-stone) is a symbol of overcoming these limitations through consciousness. the female principle of >>two>three>three(st)oneness
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