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Zach Hatch
Zach Hatch

Colorado, United States

Alternative / Indie Rock

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A band for the ages spawned in the Colorado foothills, Littany, made up of Bradley Burton, Zachary Hatch, Joshua Martin, and Matthew McKibbin, fuses a powerful message with a contemporary original sound.

Originally, in 2002, the band consisted of four members: Matthew, Josh, and two other guys. However, the members hardly produced a sound; the band never really got together for practice or even for social gatherings. The nascent band slowly went the way of the eight-track, seemingly to exist no more. In October of 2003, however, during a high school English class Josh and Matthew attended together, the spark reignited. For a class English project, Josh used music to perform a piece from a class reading assignment. He awed the class by presenting the story through an original song. His fellow classmate Matthew was especially impressed and was inspired to congratulate Josh from across the room, where the teacher had moved him previously to prevent him from consorting with Josh instead of paying attention in class. Inspired by Josh's passion for music and remarkable songwriting talent, Matthew suggested that they renew their effort to put a band together. The only problem was that Matthew didn't play an instrument. Undaunted, however, Matthew took up the bass guitar he'd requested for Christmas and started music lessons.

By the end of December Matthew, Josh, and another friend had "perfected" their first song – a cover, "Five to One" by The Doors. Josh played rhythm and sang, the other guy played lead, and Matthew did his best to plink out the two chord bass line. Slowly the quality of their performance improved and the guys started feeling more confident. They decided to call themselves Smashed to commemorate their new found love for the taste of fine beers. They had a song; they had a name; but they lacked just one minor detail – a drummer.

They brought in a guy at drums to make up for the deficiency, but despite his representations to the contrary, he had little drumming experience and even less passion for playing. It was soon apparent that he wouldn't work out. The band continued practicing despite the deficit at drums. During this infancy period, Matthew wrote his first song, "Zero Confidence." Matthew then realized that he could write and sing as well as play. With a ton of support from Josh, Matthew gained the confidence to contribute more vocals and write more original songs to add to the band's growing repertoire. The band had hit a high point when the lead guitarist dropped a bombshell. Being in a band just didn't thrill him anymore, and he wanted to drop out. The blow had an upside, though. It inspired Josh to write a band classic, "Side of Mutiny." Without a lead player and drummer, Matthew and Josh tried to keep the passion going and kept up a rigorous practice schedule. But it was clear to them that they wouldn't go as far as they wanted to as a two-person band.

Then one February night in 2004, the band practiced at Matthew's father's house while Matthew's best friend Brad looked on. Watching Josh play guitar piqued Brad's curiosity about guitar playing; and, with a bit of begging from Matthew, Brad decided to take up the guitar and play lead for the band. A week later, new guitar in hand, he began an intense series of private lessons; and with a lot of help from Josh, he got up to speed as lead guitar. Smashed was alive again except for the one pesky detail – no drummer.

The band practiced for two more months as a trio before this detail worked itself out in April of 2004. A high school friend of Brad's had been playing drums for many years under the tutelage of a great drum instructor, Jeff Kennison. Zach was a dream come true for the band now known as Smashed Audio Chord. The now complete fabulous foursome created a bevy of new songs and began playing small gigs throughout the summer of 2004.

To celebrate their success, the group designed a practice room in the basement of Matthew's house and met to play together for about four days a week. Their excitement fueled the original songs with more energy and passion and the music became tight. With help from Jeff Kennison, the band restructured their original songs and came up with a more memorable name –Littany. The group solidified an electric stage presence and began playing larger venues to greater numbers of excited concert goers. In June of 2005 the band started working on a CD to showcase their prolific song repertoire and passion for music. The CD, called Former Glory, was released at The Bluebird Theatre on February 1, 2007, to the delight of a crowd of adoring fans.

Littany continues to keep on rocking and producing more clever original songs. They relish the opportunity to perform live and work hard to maintain their dedicated fan base. Come join their loyal supporters and be a part of another talented Colorado band's rise to the spotlight. Rock on ladies and gentlemen.
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