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Zac fresh
Zac fresh

Ohio, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Zac ( Freah wit da work) Muhumad was born and raised in columbus ohio, I been rappin since I was 9 years old and been doin it ever since and now I have arived at the age of 13 years old I was born June 30, 1993 in Columbus ohio, I love watchin t.v. play'in football, basketball, and chill'in at home, other than makin music, I have been on da grind since this summer and I just been on the move now from city to city every weekend now promoting myself, with the help of fambiz e.n.t and palm tree e.n.t recently, I've been really on top of my game and with the support of everyone, I really been motivated. I just got done with my song with Soulja Boy & Arab thats hot as heck everyone needs to for real add that as a song to yall's page and support ya boy for real and show me some luv and leave a comment on my page or email me at also hit me on tagged and facebook. go on and support ya boi and cop the hot single online on music/fambiz store and if you want to book me for a show/party contact Palm Tree Promotions/Entertainment at 1(901)497-9979 or Fambiz E.N.T at 1(614)353-0312.
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