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Do The Math
#605 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Do The Math
Do The Math
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:45
On Network Since Apr 9, 2015
Yung Phella
SongVault Certified Artist Yung Phella

Georgia, United States

HipHop / Rap / Dirty South

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Yung Phella Biography

Yung Phella (yung Fel-la), A voice of distinction. Rhymes & Lyrics that correlate to everyday life struggles

that we all in some way, somehow can relate to. A native of Cary, Mississippi, a small rural town, Yung

Phella was raised in a single family home by his mother, Grandmother and Aunt.

Inspired by music at an early age from listening to his older cousin’s Tupac Cd, music has been a very

influential part of his life. From rapping and imitating Hip Hop Legends such as Tupac, Biggie, & Snoop

Dog at recess to performing at talent shows and in local neighborhoods while growing up.

As a teenager trying to find himself, Yung Phella began to follow a path many young black men tend to

travel by hanging with the wrong crowd and started facing trouble. In 2007, a junior in high school, his

mother Vera Brooks decided to have him leave the small town circuit. Yung Phella moved to the

suburbs of Atlanta, GA to live with his sister, where he later graduated from Douglas County High

After experiencing headaches and heartaches of losing a close friend to a victim of murder, Yung Phella

continued to be faced with life struggles. MUSIC was the only outlet he could take that could keep him

out of trouble and allow him to focus on the positives that life had to offer. During that time, two of his

favorite rapper artists, T.I. & Lil Boosie, were in the spotlight dealing with past circumstances and facing

jail time. Yung Phella was motivated and determined to develop his career music career.

While Performing at Open Mics throughout Atlanta, Yung Phella met his now manager Trumane (Cuzo),

an Atlanta native who has been around the Atlanta Music Scene since the 90s. Thru Cuzo, Yung Phella

was introduced to “Super” Producer Freddy-B aka JamezzBonn. In addition, he has worked with

producer Florida Water and other independent producers. Yung Phella has been featured on songs with

various artists such as Baby-D, Princess of Crime Mobb, Mac-Breze, and Jody-Breeze.

Yung Phella is currently colaborating with Hot 107.9s DJ Hersey and the Lock & Loaded DJs working his

new Street Single “Do The Math.” Yung Phella is also completing his first solo album. The next single

“Promethazine Fiend” COMING SOON. Stay tuned this “Yung Phella” has a lot to say.
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