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Young Ty
Young Ty

North Carolina, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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That kid Young Ty...born March 2, 1988 in Washington DC ain't no joke. With his original style, sick wordplay, and strive to make it to the top you can tell he will be a household name in this rap game. Ty came up in the era of hip-hop when lyrics was everything. With influences like the LOX, Big Pun, Redman, and eminem just to name a few. He started taking his music seriously in 2002, when he moved 2 Fayetteville NC where he met a good friend and mentor by the name of Joray Miller aka CrazzeFace. They started a group named New Era.

4 years later he met OG STUNNA(CEO of LETHAL ENT) and they linked up 2 make major moves.
Young Ty has featured on plenty of other artist across the US, he has 1 mixtape under his belt "DC's LAST HOPE vol.1" Vol. 2 will be done soon and after that his first album/demo "Road 2 A Million" will be out in the middle of 2008. Young Ty is also featured on the label mixtape "We On The Rise" which is on Itunes right NOW keep a look out 4 that kid Young Ty he got next plenty of people says he is a breathe of fresh air, no crack sales or jewelery talk just that straight raw He The Last Hope Young Ty Says...."Thanks 4 any support any 1 has gave me 4 the past years and my time is coming yall stay high..1"
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