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Young P
Young P

Connecticut, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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YOUNG P – HARTFORD, CT Morales Records own Young P has a very unique and different style from other MC's. The young Hartford, CT native is highly creative, consistent with his craft, and his energetic stage presence is like no other. With a natural ability to connect with the audiences, Young P has gained notoriety and respect among his industry peers and fans by performing through out the New England area. More recently, his song Doing My Thing was featured on Connecticut's largest urban radio station Hot 93.7's “Unsigned Showdown.” With all the ups and downs, Young P has continued to create his own musical path with the controversial song “My Niggaz” that touches on several topics like freedom off speech, The Soldiers in Iraq, black on black crime, and of course taking a stand for his people. While he's been featured on several tracks and mix tapes, Young P recently release his own mix CD called “Gang Green Season.” While Connecticut is often overlooked for larger media markets, Young P has what it takes to and is one of the founding fathers of The Big Bad North Hip Hop style and is not afraid to represent Hartford, CT and the other New England States. He's expected to release his first independent album title “Its All Or Nothing” in Mid November.
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