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young killa
young killa

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap / Alternative Rap

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YOUNG KILLA was born in January 30th in city of Gonaives Haiti, he raise up in neighborhood city called DESCAHOS of Gonaives Haiti, his father called fritz colas .his father born in L’ESTERE he raise up in Gonaives his mother born in saint marc city she raise up in the city of Gonaives Haiti.YOUNG KILLA have different brothers and sisters before he came to USA, he have his own band called ((THE BEST HAITIAN OF GVES)) the group was found in july16, 2007 YOUNG KILLA TRUE NAME IS PIERRE-RICHARD COLASThe artist name was called RICHELOT, now he change his name, his name called YOUNG KILLA. He was a pope school in Gonaives Haiti .he always Think about music he did good courage. He lived Haiti in October 17, 2007. He came to the USA, FLORIDAWhen he came to the USA he always think about Gonaives Haiti When he came to the USA he has two friends name called WOODSON V & MIC J, to help him with his rap music .Now he knew how rap correctly.When he came to the USA he joins a group called ((TRIPLE JVP HAITIAN BOYS)) now they change the group name, now it called DA ZOE KIDDZ He lived with his family when he came to the USA he goes to a school called WESTRIDGE middle school in Orlando Florida, now he came to high school The high school name is ((DR. PHILLIPS HIGH))) this School have less black people and a lot of white people .his spoke 3 Languages (French& Creole, English)He said he’ll never give up music even tho he his in bad mood.
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