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yfertoh yfertoh

Alaska, Australia


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What do SPF and PA on sunscreen mean?
SPF: Sun protection factor refers to the ratio of the energy required to produce the smallest erythema on the skin with sunscreen protection and the energy required to produce the same degree of erythema on the skin without any protection. Simply put, it is the skin's resistance to ultraviolet rays. Time multiples to defend against UVB
For example: without applying sunscreen products, after staying in the sun for 20 minutes, your skin will turn slightly red, so products with SPF 15 can protect you for up to 5 hours.
銆€銆€ 20 (minutes) * 15 (SPF) = 300 minutes (5 hours)
PA: It is specifically designed to resist UVA, and uses "+" to indicate defense strength. The more "+", the better the UVA prevention effect. PA+ means it can delay skin tanning time by 2-4 times, PA++ means it can delay 4-8 times, PA+++ means it can delay more than 8 times
Although SPF is an important indicator of sun protection, it does not mean that the higher the SPF value, the stronger the protection. Sunscreens are not long-lasting. The higher the SPF, the more chemical sunscreens are added. Such sunscreens are corrosive, and the more they are added, the more corrosive they are. Too much sunscreen can also easily penetrate into the skin, causing allergies and other problems. The higher the SPF value, the worse its permeability, which will hinder the normal secretion and breathing of the skin.
1. For people with general skin types, the sun protection index value should be 8-12;
2. For people who are sensitive to light, the sun protection index value should be 12-20;
3. Sensitive skin should choose plant-based sunscreens or physical sunscreens containing titanium dioxide.
4. Office workers who are exposed to the sun only on the way to and from get off work should have a sun protection index below 15 and focus on sun protection on their faces;
5. When playing in the wild or swimming on the beach, the SPF value of sunscreen products should be above 30. It is best to choose waterproof sunscreen skin care products when swimming

Product Details
Product Name UV Spray Sun Protect
Package Customized Package, 50ml/piece
Sample Free but need to pay shipping cost
Private Label Available
Certificates ISO/GMP / SGS / MSDS / COA
Payment Alibaba/ TT Transfer/Paypal
MOQ 5000 Boxes
OEM/ODM Acceptable Face Cream factory
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