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Arkansas, Argentina

Goth / Chicago Blues

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Our History
The company focuses and specializes in the production of new energy electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric cargo tricycles, and electric scooters for 20 years. It has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing vehicles and the product quality is stable and reliable.
Our Factory
At present, the layout of four production bases in Chengdu, Wuxi, Tianjin and Chongqing has been completed, and the production of multiple series and multiple lines has been realized to meet the needs of different markets.
Our Product
Mainly engaged in electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric two-wheeled bicycles, electric tricycles for the elderly, and electric cargo tricycles
Product Application
Daily transportation, leisure travel, off-road entertainment, DIY creative modification
Production Equipment
Eight suspension lines, a designed production capacity of 1 million vehicles, a complete set of electric motorcycle testing procedures
Our Service
1. Packaging; wooden or iron frame support, outsourcing carton.
2. Delivery cycle: 10-30 days delivery according to the type and quantity of the order.
3. Payment method: 30% down payment, 70% balance after photo or video inspection.
4. According to the customer's order situation and quantity, we will configure some after-sales accessories when shipping, and provide good service to reduce customers' after-sales worries.China Electric Tricycle for The Elderly manufacturers
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