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old bridge
New Jersey, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Wize-Fool was born in Harlem New York and has lived in the slums of the Bronx , Harlem, Flushing Queens, rural upstate N.Y. to Yonkers New York where in 1993 he started rapping in street and school ciphers, developing a wicked and versatile writing and rhyme style.From 1993 to now Wize-Fool has not stopped writing and has perfected his style of commercial and underground. In the year 2000, Wize-Fool flooded the mix tape circuit and was a legend on New York City Streets. In 2004 after platinum selling rapper JADAKISS heard one of Wize-Fool’s powerful songs on a Mix tape it had provoked JADAKISS to write a verse about Wize-Fool on the Ja-Rule track “I’m from new York” also featuring FAT-JOE . In the “I’m from New York” video JADAKISS wore the trademark camouflage fatigues that Wize-Fool is always draped with. Without the help of any major record label, Wize-Fool’s attempt to respond was heard on the streets but did not have the national platform of MTV or BET. Thug Life Army Magazine covered the interesting story in a interview with Wize-Fool in 2005.In January 2008, one of Wize-Fool’s songs was featured on a compilation album entitled “In the Shadow of an Icon” which was released by TLA Records and distributed by Universal.Wize-Fool has done vocal work for FAT RAT radio, 55or radio and TLA radio. Wize-Fool was influenced heavily by Nas, Rakim, Killah Priest, Metallica, Megadeath, FAT JOE, the Doors, Eminem and Guns n roses. Wize-Fool has musically tuned his ear and writing ability to a second nature of ingenuous, where he can write hit songs for virtually any genre of music. With a 5 mix tape discography and a number of shortcomings and drawbacks, Wize-Fool is ready to break free of any and all restraints holding him back with the power of Juggernaut.
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