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Wiz-O The Don
Wiz-O The Don

Illinois, United States

HipHop / Rap

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My name is Wiz-O The Don. I'm a 25 year old caucasian MC from right here in the 309. I've been in the game for 10 years strong now and I have no intentions of stopping until my message is delivered. What is my message one may ask? My message is simple, keep it real. Not only with other people, but with yourself. In todays world, whether it is in the media or in the streets, people put on masks and act a certain way to try and impress a certain individual or group. It's as if other peoples thoughts and view of them is more important than their view of their selves. Me on the other hand, I am a new breed, a different bloodline you may say. I am one of the few that is in this so called "land of the free" that don't fabricate ANYTHING! Hip hop today is mostly about things that the artist hasn't done, hasn't witnessed, or doesn't have. Since when has it become cool to be gangster, can anybody answer me that? It's not cool to be shot! It's not cool to go to the pen! And it sure in the hell ain't cool to mislead a fan base that includes every type of individual in the world. Hip hop is not music. Hip hop is a way of life! I am here to make real music. Maybe some people can't relate to what I have been through, but, at least they are hearing REAL music. So keep snapin your fingaz, doin your 2 step and walkin it out. When you have a craving to hear real Hip Hop, pop in one of my cd's once they drop. 1 love, 1 mic, 1 world!
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