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Wito Rodriguez
Wito Rodriguez

Florida, United States

Salsa / Singer/Songwriter

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This is my second solo recording and I want to dedicate it to the musicians and authors. Without them there would be no sound of a beautiful melody nor lyrics. Also I want to thank all my friends, fans and family for their support in this latest recording. I have been in many places around the world singing, and have always tried to talk about it in my songs. In this recording I picked musicians from Venezuela our sister Caribbean Country, because when I was around 15-16 years old, my sister took me there for a small weekend vacation. Wow! What a difference. I got to hear some music in the streets and loved the “tumbau”. I was also sneaked in to a nightclub call “Hippo Campo” and saw this awesome Orchestra that blue my mind. I want to thank all the musicians that took part in this recording like Joel “Pibo” Márquez, Argenis Carmona, and all the others for making this recording happen. Also want to thank Dovelin Primera my Musical Director, Venezuela for bringing my arrangements to live
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