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Wilson Noble
Wilson Noble

Scotland, United Kingdom

New Acoustic / Spiritual

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Wilson Noble is a spiritual singer songwriter for the New Age. His music brings a message of peace and empowerment to the world, in the hope of raising the vibrations of human consciousness. Despite offering a distinctively fresh and contemporary style, his crafted guitar work presents the audience with a stripped down, organic connection to the world, and his outstanding vocal strength grips the attention and heart of the listener. Wilsonís music draws on a range of influences from folk, blues and world traditions. His style is a uniquely powerful addition to the acoustic or roots genre. Although he is influenced by many modern new age writers, teachers and philosophers, Wilson has carved out his own distinct vision of peace, unity and empowerment. His songs encourage us to search our souls, go within, and find the truth for ourselves. Wilsonís albums are a mix of gentle, poetic and thought provoking songs, as well as containing some more rousing and inspiring pieces.

"I realise my music isnít for everyone but I continually experience an interest in this message. All ages, all ethnicities and backgrounds come see me perform and are attracted to my energy and music. The past 12 months have been very interesting. Iíve performed at so many different types of venues to so many different types of people, from barns to auditoriums, gardens to festivals, campfires to sitting rooms, small pub venues to protest camps, babies to grandparents, hippies to shamans, protestors to peacemakers, children to parents, priests to visionaries with everything in between.

ďThe places and people may have varied along the way but the energy has stayed the same with all places and people sharing a common interest. I think they want to simply experience a feeling of unity and oneness through enjoyment of music and the sharing of energy. I donít claim to have all the answers, Iím just telling my story. Iím an everyday man on an everyday journey just searching for truth, energy and life."

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