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All Songs Amazing Grace
Use Me
#191 in Christian SongVault Certified
Use Me
Amazing Grace
Praise / Worship
Length: 3:41
On Network Since May 28, 2008
King of Glory
#210 in Christian SongVault Certified
King of Glory
Amazing Grace
Praise / Worship
Length: 3:03
On Network Since Mar 12, 2009
William Smith
SongVault Certified Artist William Smith

Ohio, United States

Praise / Worship / Christian Pop / Rock

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Born into a family where singing was as natural as breathing I thought it best to learn how to play any instrument so I would not have to sing. This worked fine for over 30 years til God started moving me out of my comfort zone. I was no longer permitted to hide and not be heard, all the things I was doing in private were now in the open. My private prayer life and praise were no longer just for me but for the Body of Christ. Through this transition "Amazing Grace"
this CD came to life which covers a wide range of musical styles, from
Southern Gospel to Contemporary Christain Rock.

I am supported by my loving wife Emma ,5 sons, and 3 grandchildren.
I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and the grace and mercy that he provides for us daily. And to my Heavenly Father for patiently waiting for me to answer the call.
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