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will francis
will francis

North Carolina, United States


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Contact Info: Will Francis/862-668-1573/
Clifton, NJ 04/25/2013 — “This is a song that started coming together back in March of 2013 . I was driving through the Virginia swamps and headed for North Carolina. The road was long and I had plenty of time to play a collection of cd’s from the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which I’m sure, at least in part, inspired me to write. The reason for my travel was to do an inspection on a new home that my wife and I were in the process of buying. I was by myself in a new, but strange place trying to find my way around. At some point, I started to flood with emotions and then the tears began to fall. The cool shallow waters of reality started to rise with the coming tide and settled when I began to think about the miles that I had put behind me, how far I really was from home and the life I had known. There were people and relationships that I would have to let go.”
“Can’t Feel Your Heartbeat” is about this idea of stepping back, letting go, moving on and being torn between two different worlds in the hope that maybe, the one person someone really loves will show some kind of sign or give the other some reason to hold back or reconsider their decision to move forward without them. This song has a groove, back beat and melody that make for an interesting contrast with regard to theme, metaphor and subject matter. Furthermore, this song will be included with eight other tracks for debut album: Will Francis-“Behind The Personas.” Through the use of imagery, faces, characters and personas, this album presents the surface level world we all live in. Underneath, is the music. This is the real, genuine, honest punch in the gut stuff that people can relate to.
Listeners that have commented on “Can’t Feel Your Heartbeat” and the other tracks/videos included on the web page and in the “Behind The Personas Album”….. “catchy,” “touching lyrics,” “good overall production,” “smooth vocals,” “I thought “Paterson Street” was about Hurricane Sandy,” “really nice and easy to listen to,” “I wanted to cry after I watched/listened to some of these tracks,” “sounds really good when not compressed so much,” “good job…keep writing,” “interesting contrasts between groove/reggae and melody/vocal presentation,” “After I listened to “Spirits In The Sun,” my daughter I started dancing.”
Will Francis is a songwriter from Clifton, NJ. He graduated Sussex County Community College with an associate degree in English /writing and studied at William Paterson University. Currently, he is employed in the healthcare industry and is writing, recording and promoting his music and album: “Behind The Personas.”
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Press info: Will Francis is available for interviews and appearances. Please contact 862-668-1573/ for more information.
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