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Weston Brown
Weston Brown

Texas, United States

Indie Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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Weston Brown Band was formed in March of 2008. With the essential elements and the backbone of the band in place, WBB played their first live show on 90.1 KPFT's "Dead Air" only 20 days after the band had formed. With a great jump-start for the band, they took control of their momentum and was soon being booked at prestigious clubs around Houston. After six months of promoting, playing and winning fans' hearts they added a fourth member who brought powerful signature leads as well as a rich harmony that has become what now is the Weston Brown Band. One immediately hears the power and expressive sounds of WBB as they weave thought provoking tales of love, lost love and friendship with their songs, underscored by melodic chord structures and melodies. WBB takes on journeys to colorful cities such as "New Orleans" and examines lost friendship in "Its Never Too Late to Say Goodbye". Using haunting melodies and intricate chord structures, the Weston Brown Band has ultimately called upon us to examine ourselves.
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