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What to expect from aluminum clad wood windows

While comfort, benefits and popularity of modern uPVC windows are obvious and unquestionable in today’s market, there is definitely one thing uPVC windows can’t provide – they cannot replace the naturally warm appearance of real wood. So if you are among those homeowners who appreciate this particular feature and think it is one of the essential requirements, then you should consider installing aluminum-clad wood windows in your house.

Structure of an aluminum-clad wood window

Wood window with aluminum-clad consists of a wooden window sash and frame covered on the outside with strong and durable extruded aluminum material. This aluminum profile slides onto the wood and is independently secured in such a way that it allows both wood and aluminum to expand and contract without any interference.

Speaking about the wood material, it is necessary to mention that the most typical wood species used to make these window frames are solid hem and fir since those species are best known for a combination of strength and elegance.

The aluminum exterior is very robust and low maintenance, it will not require any paint job from you at all. It has a premium quality powder coating which makes it high resistance to weather influence and gives a better longevity.

As you probably can imagine, extruded aluminum profiles offer excellent structural stability and capability to withstand the harshest weather, successfully combating air and water infiltration.

Structural stability of these windows is achieved through pressure fitting assembly of all components which are then secured with screws, staples, mortise and tenon joints on the sash and rabbet joints on the frame.

An important detail is that aluminum-clad wood windows are constructed with a heavy-duty vinyl liner which has the purpose of preventing water accumulation diverting it from the wood to the exterior; also frames and sashes of these windows have drip edges.

Aluminum and wood surfaces have a seal barrier between them.

Operating windows such as casements and awnings are sealed with a heavy-duty compression foam which provides a higher level of energy efficiency.

Wood windows with extruded aluminum on the exterior have outstanding technical and performance properties as well as provide great flexibility in design opportunities.

Also, one of the most appealing characteristics of aluminum is that as a metal it offers a perfect foundation to apply premium baked-on polyester

a finish that can be factory painted in virtually any colour of your choice, thus ensuring your new windows will blend in perfectly well into the overall exterior design of your residence.

Wood window interiors can be painted or stained to match existing wood trims or any other interior accents.

For that reason, aluminum-clad wood windows are highly appreciated and recommended by designers and architects.

Aluminum-clad wood windows in general will cost you more than uPVC windows. You have to decide whether or not you are ready to go for this extra investment.

Aluminum clad wood windows have a longer lifespan than vinyl and offer better and more versatile design options, especially valuable in traditional-style homes. However, if you have a contemporary-style home you may be better off with custom uPVC windows.

Anyways, make sure to check if the company offers different product lines for various budgets.

Sunshine room related analysis

The sun room is also called the glass room, and its foreign name is winter garden. The sun room adopts a non-traditional building constructed with glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and being close to nature. Sunshine House is a building respected by people in pursuit of nature and fashion at home and abroad. The Sunshine Room is a Shengli Industry that has been extensively researched in the Shanghai area of North China. It needs to be designed and built according to the needs of the site and personal preferences. The interior layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. The balcony or terrace sun room is in the whole room, so visual connection is very important. It needs to be considered to be consistent with the overall style of the building, and the overall tone should be as consistent as possible.

development stage:

In terms of materials and manufacturing methods, the aluminum clad wood sun room can be divided into five development stages: one is the sun room with pure wood structure, the other is the sun room with pure steel structure, the third is aluminum clad wood sun room with aluminum curtain wall structure, and the fourth is the steel-aluminum structure. Sun room.2 After the first industrial revolution, at the London World Expo in the 18th century, the United Kingdom built an exhibition hall covering an area of 80,000 square meters in order to showcase its industrial development. The protagonist is a glass building with a pure steel structure, which is the pinnacle of the early steel structure sun room. The mass production and application of steel at this stage further expanded the coverage of the early sun room. We can find the steel structure in the American feature film “The Sound of Music”, “Time Machine” and other films.4 The steel-aluminum structure of the sun room in foreign countries is mainly because some of the sun rooms are too large. Because of the high strength of the steel and the convenience of welding, the steel frame and aluminum welding rods are used. Build a large sun room. In China (especially in Shanghai), because the sun room is a new thing and the price is relatively high, in order to reduce the cost, a steel-aluminum composite (aluminum-clad steel sun room) is used, and steel as the main structure satisfies the strength problem. , And aluminum as a surface decoration makes the sun room more durable and more beautiful. It can be said that the aluminum clad wood sun room was a product in line with China’s national conditions at the beginning of this century. Its advantages are high strength and low cost. The disadvantage is that the construction period is long and there is no standardization. During the construction process, there are many uncontrollable factors, and the quality fluctuates greatly.

The sun room has a nice English name—winter garden, which literally means winter garden. It has two meanings: one is that it realizes the intimate contact between the room and the sun, even in the cold winter, you can also enjoy the warmth of the sun. Second, due to the unique thermal insulation effect of the sun room, the function of the greenhouse can be realized, even in the cold winter, it can also create a warm room environment for the family. The aluminum-wood composite sun room has an independent facade and top structure, which can be well integrated with any architectural style building. It has good sound insulation and heat preservation effect, and overcomes the defects of traditional sun room such as cold in winter and hot in summer, fog and ice. .

Classification of sun room:

The sun room is classified according to the roof material: glass roof sun room, broken bridge aluminum roof sun room, Degao tile roof sun room, color steel plate roof sun room.The sun room is classified by structure: steel structure sun room, aluminum structure sun room, steel and aluminum structure sun room, wood structure sun room.Sunrooms are classified according to their shapes: creative roof sunrooms, combined roof sunrooms, modeling roof sunrooms, and single inclined roof sunrooms.Various systems of the sun room: sloping roof skylight system, intelligent shading system, natural ventilation system, energy-saving Low-E glass, falling water system.

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