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Texas, United States

Indie Pop / Latin Rock

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Cynthia's sultry voice commands attention with a range that is both sweet and spicy. She uses the power of music to connect to the audience's true emotions at once.

Add Rick's upbeat guitar rhythms and sequencing ability to create a fusion of electro-acoustic Latin pop, flamenco-rock, and RnB. The possibilities are endless.

2005: Volatil Explosion. After an interview for the Houston Chronicle, Volatil participated in festivals and events such as GoGirls Music Invasion of SXSW, Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands, and Univision Radio's Cinco de Mayo Celebration. In October, Volatil entertained the audience during the Official Latin Grammy Viewing Party sponsored by the Texas Chapter of the Recording Academy.

2006: Volatil Energy. With an EP complete, Volátil participated in multi-city festivals; two of which were Musica Fresca Festival, a production of New York's Blackwell/Kurfirst, and Latina Magazine's "Latina Nation Tour". Volátil continues adding notable performances and events for 2007.

Volatil's influences range in styles from The Beatles to Alejandra Guzman, from Classic Rock to Flamenco.
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