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Vinyl Bitchie
Vinyl Bitchie

St. Louis
Missouri, United States

House / Electronic

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Vinyl Bitchie is not the average up and coming female deejay in the industry. She's rocked the underground nation from out of nowhere. No one saw this explosive talent coming, but many are feeling her wrath. Vinyl's smooth transitions from Funky, to Soulful, to Disco, Latin, and Tribal within her mixes; have awoken the ears of fans all over the globe. Not only did Vinyl Bitchie's mixes and remixes win them over; but her charismatic, loyal, loving, and witty personality has given them more of a reason to support her. Vinyl's popularity blossomed so quickly that it couldn't be ignored.

October 21,2006 Vinyl Bitchie was interviewed by one of the biggest online female deejay publications, which hosts female deejays and producers from all over the world, This interview was released in the Winter 2006 issue. Vinyl was also featured as one of "The Sexiest Djs In The World" by M8 Magazine--a very popular UK club culture publication (The March 2007 Winter Music Conference Edition). This magazine hosts top deejays from all over the globe.

Currently Vinyl Bitchie is holding a residency in St Louis Missouri at the Twisted Olive Martini Lounge every Saturday night. She's also holding the #1 rank for St. Louis Djs on, "The world's largest Dj directory." She's also ranked in the top 50 for Funky House Djs, ranked in the top 200 for United States Djs, and ranked in the top 1000 out of 142,941 total Djs around the world. Towering over great acts such as: Alex Peace, CZR, and Heavy Grinder, but running neck and neck with Charles Feelgood, Josh The Funky 1 and Milk&Sugar. Vinyl is also a producer of many different genres of music. She's been inspired by such artists as: Depeche Mode, Moloko, Stevie Nicks, and Earth Wind and Fire to name a few. Her current single "Where Should I Go?" climbed Indie underground charts to the #1 spot, along with her latest mix "Freqently Modulated". Her remix "Julez Santana vs Swank -Housework"still sits in the top 50 spot on Indie charts, after being released May 2006.
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