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Vincent Jackson
Vincent Jackson

boynton beach
Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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In the world of hip-hop, there’s only one set that reps the industry—it’s called the Dirty South. From the charts - to the clubs - to radio - to this year's Academy Awards, the hardcore sounds of the south’s artist have collectively sparred from the underground into the mainstream, defying industry expectations and creating a bona fide musical and cultural movement.

As the movement continues, so does another artist out of Palm Beach County, Florida. Vincent Jackson, a.k.a. “BROKE”. A product of his environment, he narrates his life plights and hardships along with depicting realism about life and the hustle on the streets from which he grew up.

Born 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, he witnessed the troubled path he would soon follow. His Father was a Chicago street gangster, who at times put his entire family at danger due to his gang activity. After having their apartment shot up a few times and his father getting shot twice in the chest, barely escaping death, his mother moved the family into a salvation army support shelter before finally having enough money to move the family to Atlanta, Georgia.

While in Atlanta, BROKE states, “I was raised in the projects (carver homes) where I had a quick adaptation to the street life. Though I was a good student in school, my surroundings almost promised me that school wouldn't be a factor in me becoming successful.”

At the young age of 11 years old, BROKE, was introduced to the music of gangsta rap legends NWA. After listening to various gangsta rap artists showcase their skills about their plights in their neighborhoods, BROKE realized that he also had a gift for sharing the same experiences he lived. He states, “I showcased my talent to peers by winning contests/talent shows and it was evident that I had what it takes. But reality was when events like that, which came seldom, were over, back to the hood we go.” Although artist showcases and contest were few and between, BROKE would still polish up his skills on a daily basis.

During his high school years, he linked up with Cer Spen, Craig d, and Dj Z to form ‘A.T.G.’ (A-Town Gangstas). It was then, when BROKE began to get a taste of the next level. With A.T.G., he got to perform live and actually hit the studio to record an album. However, being a member of a rap group, it wasn't long before it was evident that he was a shining star.

His mother decided to move the family to Delray Beach, Florida, where BROKE began to hone his skills lyrically and began working on a new project for himself. After a few run- ins with the law, and in-between moving from Delray to Deerfield, he met with a group of guys with similar aspirations who had generated a small buzz in their town already. They formed a group called ‘Cool Town’. ‘Cool Town’ appeared to be a definite ride to stardom, until egos collided and placed them back at ground zero. Although, the group broke up, he kept a close relationship with 3 of its members (Sleezy E, Fool, and Fie). Still having dreams of making it, they formed Mattress Money Entertainment.

Now with a new smash hit single titled “I’ve been searchin” and a summer ’07 release of his self-titled album “BROKE – Changin Da Game” he is well on his way to becoming hip-hop’s next big superstar.

The Only Thing That Comes To A Sleeper, Is A Dream...
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