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Vijay  Shukla
Vijay Shukla

Navi Mumbai
Indiana, India


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Welcome to Sona Enterprises giving us the winning edge are infallible design skills. With our varied and rich experience of more than 13 years of manufacturing exclusive persian knotted carpets & rugs products; we not only take the initiative to consistently develop new and fresh designs but also specialize in fabricating articles, created in accordance to our customers designs and specifications. We believe that "God is in the Details", and keep a stringent check on quality.
Bringing you the only finest craftsmanship, tailored to your satisfaction. we are offers you a vast collections of Carpet tiles, Grass carpet, Wooden flooring, Sport flooring, School flooring,Industrial flooring supplier, Cricket grass, Vinyl pvc plank, Gym rubber tile, PVC flooring & EPDM flooring supplier in Navi Mumbai.

For more brief info. about our all services visit our website or feel free to connect with us on +918424821318.

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Sport Flooring in Navi Mumbai
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Cricket Grass in Navi Mumbai
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PVC Flooring in Navi Mumbai
EPDM Flooring supplier in Navi Mumbai
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