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All Songs It Ain't Over
It Ain't Over
#398 in Christian SongVault Certified
It Ain't Over
It Ain't Over
Christian Urban / R&B
Length: 4:56
On Network Since Jun 21, 2012
God's Got My Back!
#399 in Christian SongVault Certified
God's Got My Back!
Christian Urban / R&B
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Jun 21, 2012
Variola Etienne
SongVault Certified Artist Variola Etienne

Pennsylvania, United States

Christian Urban / R&B / Christian

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Variola is activley promoting her songs to music pros and leaving a lasting impression for her audience, as well as music professionals! Her passion and determination has landed her a great opportunity to work with well known Music Producer(David Snow)! She was chosen out of thousands of sonicbids artist for her new Single (God's Got My Back!)

As a fairly New Upcoming Artist on ( she is steadily climbing the Charts moving up 90 spots with her New Single(God's Got My Back)!
Her recent activities on submission for (The Great Audition) has been Selected for both Songs "It Ain't Over" which was also featured on Indie Gospel Artist and "God's Got My Back!"

Heading for Reverbnation's Top 100 and Consistenly Aiming for the # 1 Spot,
Her Incredible ability to attract all audiences with her versatility and raw sounds are a vocal force on the rise!!!!
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