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valentines day quotes
valentines day quotes

Alabama, United States

Alternative / Dancepunk

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Happy valentines Day Wishes in English 2016:- valentines day wishes 2016 provides latest romantic valentines day wishes in English. Hello guys, wish you a very happy valentines day 2016. If you searching for best romantic valentines day wishes in english then your search queries may completes here. Here in this article, we have happy valentines day English wishes. valentines day is the day when a boy wants to be with a girl for lifetime. Hence, make this love day special and valentines your desired girl with full of confidence. valentines day is really a special day and you have to take advantages of it. I hope you like these valentines day wishes in english language. Also you can change your Facebook status from “Single to Mingle”. Enjoy this valentines day and also share this post with your friends on Facebook via “Share” button. We have english wishes for valentines day 2016, you can use these wishes to girlfriend, boyfriend, lover and wife.

Happy valentines Day Wishes in English | English valentines day Wishes 2016

I Have The “I”,
I Have The “L”,
I Have The “O”,
I Have The “V”,
I Have The “E”,…
So Pls Can I Have “U”Happy valentines Day 2016
Happy valentines Day Wishes in English 2016

On this special day I want to say:
Grow old along with me,
The best is yet to be.
Will you spend
The rest of your life with me?
Happy valentines Day

If I reached for your hand , will you hold it ?
If I hold out my arms, will you hug me ?
If I go for your lips, will you kiss me ?
If I capture you heart , will you love me ?
and if I valentines you, will you marry me?

When I hear you
My Heart Soars High
When I See you
I know the Reason why
So, Let Me Hold your Hand & Make you Mine
For That Would Intoxicate Me like Sweet Wine…Happy valentines Day 2016

If Roses were Black and violets were brown,
my love for you would never be found
but roses r red and violets are blue,
all I want to say is I LUV U!“Happy valentines Day”

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in ur arms, I can’t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & u’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r of U.

The sweetest way to valentines:
?Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
because i scrapped my knee
when i fell in love with you.?
Happy valentines Day!

I valentines All My Friends
For Lifetime Friendship
With Full Dedication
No Demands
No Complaints
What Do U Say???
Happy valentines Day

Today Is Proposal Day
So, I valentinesd You For
Life Long And True Friendship..
If You Accept My Friendship
Then Send Me This Message Back..
Happy valentines Day

All I wanted was someone to care 4 me,
All I wanted was someone who?d b there 4 me,
All I ever wanted was someone who?d b true,
All I ever wanted was someone like U
Happy valentines Day 2016
valentines day quotes
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