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All Songs Sgt. Peepers
It's All Too Much
#160 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
It's All Too Much
Sgt. Peepers
Hard Rock
Length: 6:36
On Network Since Mar 15, 2007
Usual Suspects
SongVault Certified Artist Usual Suspects

Laguna Beach
California, United States

Hard Rock / Soft Rock

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With over 25 years of experience in the O.C & L.A. Music scenes, 'Usual Suspects' have decided to once again resume 'live' gigging and recording. Prolific would be an understatement for the diverse songwriting talents of Bob Greco and Shaun Shelton. Boasting a catalog of over 200 tunes, some of which found their way onto 'Dr. Demento',KLOS's 'Local Licks' and numerous College radio stations; as well as recorded songs for the soundtracks to "A Different Story" and "Fantasea". 'Usual Suspects' now play for "the fun of it all" and if recent press clips from 'The Laguna Beach Press' and 'The O.C. Weekly' are any indication, it appears their joy comes across to the audience; demonstrated at 'The Bluebird Benefit Concert' (a fundraiser for the landslide victims) and 'The Coach House' in San Juan Capistrano (opening for 'Cecilio & Kapono' and Billy Vera & the Beaters' respectively). 'Usual Suspects' are offering a FREE download of their Christmas Parody Play "The Kriengelungenlied/Santa's Last Christmas" written by John Laviolette.
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