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Kansas, Germany

Chicago Blues / Blues

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Product Introduction
Our high-speed semi-automatic mask making machine is composed of one set of main body and two sets of ear-band maker. When you loaded your 3 rolls of non-woven fabric, the entire roll of fabric will automatically unrolled and at the same time, the fabric automatically folded and wrapped.Nose bridge rolls unrolled by traction.Cut and import into the hemmed fabric, both sides are welded to seal by ultrasonic welding, and then through the ultrasonic side seal. It is cut and shaped by a cutter. Then finished feeding of ear connecting material and welding, finished product laying-off, complete the entire production process from the coiled material to the finished mask.
Client Case
High-speed Semi-automatic Mask Making Machine In Iran (20 Sets)
System Features
1 The rear end can be connected with the pillow packing machine and the packing packaging line for linkage production.
2 Production efficiency: mask forming machine 100-120/min, ear-band welding machine 56-70/min; High-speed production, more than 100,000 masks per day;
3 The equipment is easy to operate and stable in operation. Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure due to equipment itself).
Ear Band Maker detail picture
Operating Manual of Mask Making Machine:
Operation and debugging of Ear Band Maker debugging Steps
1 Check the point location signal: Refers to the induction signals of Ear Band 1 and 2. If no signal, the position of the sensor needs to be adjusted.
2 Select single-step commissioning option in manual mode to check whether each position is correct and the movement direction of the conveyor belt station.Adjust the station to the appropriate position, set the station zero of the conveyor belt and check several more stations to make sure whether the positions are correct.
3 After the compression cylinder acts, the stroke of the cylinder shall be adjusted according to the position of the cylinder, and the air valve shall be adjusted according to the compression strength and speed of the cylinder. Check whether the winding direction of the winding motor is correct; whether the cylinder can press the clamp (Position 3: Loosen the cylinder; Position 2: Clamp the cylinder); the clamp turns into the clamping state; and check whether the cutter can be extended and cut the fabric.
4 Adjust the position of ultrasonic generator plane and ultrasonic welding head with a finished mask as the benchmark. Get the cylinder to press down in manual commissioning mode, observe the position where the ultrasonic welding head is pressed and adjust it to the exact welding position of the mask's ear band.
Deliver, shipping and serving
From the deliver to the post service, we provide one-stop service
During the project, we provide锛?/p>
1. Pack/Ship
2. Installation Support
3. Commissioning
4. Training
After sales, we provide:
1. Free Spare Parts
2. Scheduled Maintenance
3. Emergency Maintenance
4. Training
5. 24-hour Service Hotline
6. Remote Technical SupportChina Medical Mask Machine supplier
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