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Tyler Adam
Tyler Adam

Ontario, Canada

Pop / Acid House

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Tyler Adam is a self-made electro-pop star. Music double stuffed with hot-breath raps and slithery electro pulses successfully punctuated with leather gloved hand claps is only the beginning. A B S U R D is an awakening it's the beginning of a movement towards a safer more enjoyable world.

"The new music is an in your face and down your pants style that I have never tried before" says Tyler Adam of the new album. The title track "Absurd" is about SEX, and is as primal as the instinct itself. "Fuck The Chase" pushes boundaries on the dance floor, while the most humid thumper of them all "Hot Box" is a junk-shaking electro-rock sound smothered in innuendo. "I have never been so in love with my own music"

Tyler Adam is currently preparing for a Canadian/US summer tour. Dates available soon.
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