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I Know
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I Know
Bringin It
Length: 2:18
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Blues is The Truth
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Blues is The Truth
Bringin It
Length: 4:01
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Bringin It
Length: 3:25
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Tweed Funk
SongVault Certified Artist Tweed Funk

Wisconsin, United States

Blues / Soul

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Formed in the fall of 2010, Tweed Funk has quickly moved to the top of the local scene and gained recognition nationally with the release of their debut CD, ‘Bringin It’. The band brings an edge to the music of their forefathers by wrapping together blues, soul, funk, and elements of hip-hop in their audience-interactive, money-maker shaking show. Tweed Funk has been booked or performed at some of the top venues including: House of Blues – Chicago; BB’s Jazz, Blues, and Soups; River City Blues Society; Summerfest; Waukesha Blues Festival; UW Madison Memorial Union Terrace; and Famous Dave’s Bluesfest.

On March 15th, 2011, Tweed Funk released their debut CD, ‘Bringin It’, which has spent 11 weeks on the Roots Music Report Blues Internet Chart including 5 weeks in the Top 5. The CD has also spent 19 straight weeks on the RMR Wisconsin State Chart including 11 weeks at #1. Here is what critics are saying about the CD.

“The Milwaukee quartet that call themselves Tweed Funk have just released an eye-opening debut entitled ‘Bringin It’, that combines elements of jazz, neo-soul, funk, and the blues to create a high-energy, versatile sound, and includes nine originals and one cool cover…Tweed Funk have taken the traditions of the blues and today's music to successfully forge a unique sound all their own.”– Nashville Blues Society

Fronted by Smokey's sweet, soulful vocals, audiences can quickly hear how Smokey was a pick to hit the Billboard Soul Top 20 back in the 70’s on Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Records with the band Love’s Children. Veteran musician Donnie Mac lays claim to the biggest thumb in Milwaukee with jaw-dropping bass solos and he is a triple-threat playing bass, keys, and singing at the same time. Former Hounds Tooth guitarist/vocalist, JD Optekar, brings his jump-style blues phrasing, skilled songwriting, and vocals. MG rounds-out the line-up on the drums as one of the area's hottest session drummers with his funky grooves and thundering solos. This 4 piece band generates a sound much fuller than you would expect all while leaving the space in the music that defines top-shelf blues bands.

Singer Smokey started out under Curtis Mayfield and demonstrates that he has a fine voice for soul and blues. The playing throughout is very good, especially the guitar of JD Optekar...I particularly enjoyed the more bluesy tunes such as “Super Mad Woman” and “Black Coffee” as well as “Salsa Blues”. The band has an excellent singer and strong instrumental players so I suspect that they would be worth seeing live when they come to your area. For those who like a good dose of funk mixed into their blues this CD is well worth checking out. – John Mitchell, The Blues Blast Magazine

Just got in the Tweed Funk ‘Bringin It' CD and I just got done listening to it and man it's a cooker! I will be popping that baby into our current rotation here at the station ASAP. Really like it - very old school yet fresh and current. - Leroy Alvarez, Blues MD, WNMC 90.7

"Super Mad Woman," a song written by Gibbons, is a blues based tune with Holman building his vocals as the song progresses. It is one of the best originals on the CD..."My Baby's Alright" a blues tune written by JD Optekar features the excellent guitar work of Optekar. The CD concludes with a Gibbons/McGregor instrumental tune "Salsa Blues," showcasing the instrumental expertise of the entire band. The final number is a new and sensational arrangement of Optekar's blues tune "Black Coffee"...This CD is great collection done by a world class funk band and hopefully we will hear more of Tweed Funk in the future! – Rick Davis, Crossroads Blues Society

Loved the show (at the Jet Lounge)! – Boyd Bluestein, President, Houston Blues Society

Great vocals with superb backing...Blues / Funk with some R & B woven throughout the Tweed, you can't sit still...get up offa that thang..! – J.R. aka "Shameless James", The Open Road, KPVL 89.1 FM

While there are some bluesy elements to Bringin’ It, make no mistake, Tweed Funk will not be giving any one the blues. They’ll have you moving to the music for 37 minutes. This probably has a lot to do with how Tweed Funk found themselves nominated for Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s New Artist of the Year award.- Kevin Kozel, Sr. Staff

Tweed Funk: Blues, Funk, Soul, Gospel, R&B at it’s best. – Sugar’s Picks, 3/21/11, KVNF

The band's disc, "Bringin' It," is a sultry and soulful blues record -- constructed out of nine originals and a drumtastic cover of Sly Stone's "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" -- that recalls the classic soul/blues crossover records of the '60s and '70s by the likes of Little Milton and Albert King. – Bobby Tanzilo,

Liked it a LOT. Liked the Funk, the Spunk - all Killer no Filler. Liked that all cuts but the Sly tune are originals. Liked the Funk/Blues mixture. Who can object to a title like 'Blues Is The Truth'?— Bob "Blues Doctor" Decker, WNRB-LP Radio 93.3 FM

If you want something new and fresh, if you want something strong then let yourself go and listen to Tweed Funk's album Bringing It. The band surprised plenty of blues fans but not only them. Let's just say… the quicker you buy the album the quicker you'll be able to listen to it! – Mladen Loncar, Soundguardian Magazine
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