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Tsar PeeJay
Tsar PeeJay

North West, South Africa

House / Chillout / Lounge

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Real Name Tsietsi Junior Lemphane, Born 13 Jan 1990. Self taught producer from a town in The North West Province called Klerksdorp.
2013 Tsar PeeJay decided to sharpen his skills by going to school of Production In Nigeria. 2008 Tsar PeeJay started out as a rapper by immitating rappers like lil wayne and Jay Z.
2010 decided to go into house music, as it was always his dream to be part of the South African House Music Family. 2013 he joined a group called House Gang which is a group of DJs and producers from Klerksdorp founded by Dj Skippy Mothibedi.

2014 Tsar PeeJay came To Johanneburg, to push his music and actualy get a stable record label that will push his Music. " I want to put both Klerksdorp and South Africa on the map, its high time outside countries get why we called CAPITAL OF HOUSE" - He Said. With the skills, confidence and spirit that Tsar PeeJay has, he will make Klerksdorp and South Africa Proud.

Later that year he made hit remixes like Thengisile and Thabzen Bibo's Heavy Drum, which reached 28769 downloads in 2 weeks. Feb 2015 Tsar PeeJay released his debut Album called MY JOURNEY, this album set to be released under Inner Personer Music/Production and AGN Media owner by Lucai Boy.

His now working on his second Album called Baile set to be relased Month End Sept, date to be confirmed. Baile is a 12 tracked Album featuring songs like Baile, Beautiful(Feat Toolkit), Memories(Feat Kamo)

Tsar PeeJay is one of Respected House Producers in Klerksdorp, and his starting to make a name for himself thought out South Africa.
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