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TS Hartley
TS Hartley

Utah, United States

Indie Pop / Garage

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TS Hartley

Raised in Southern California by way of New Jersey. Ended up in Salt Lake. Started writing music at about 12. Joined and played bass in first band at 13. Started recording music at 15. Finally learned how to write a song at about 20.

Giallo is a mix of all of his favorite music filtered through his own unique worldview and style. With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Gwen Stefani, the Beatles to Busta Rhymes, Led Zeppelin to Bjork, TSís music manages to reflect all his favorite styles while still managing to sound completely new and original.

While TSís earlier music was primarily about experimentation and finding strange sounds and instruments, the new album reflects a more focused vision. The anything goes nature of the music is intact while still appealing to the straightforward bubblegum pop lover in us all. These songs are like time travelers, picking up the best bits of pop from each decade and maybe even a little bit of the future.

With the help of producer Giles Reaves, TS Hartley has put together an album of songs that will take you on a crazy musical carnival ride. With sunshine guitars, sing along lyrics, hypnotic electronics, dance floor beats and childlike enthusiasm this album will make you smile AND make you think.
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