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San Diego
California, United States

Modern Rock / Rock

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Trisula spawned towards the end of 2005 in a dilapidated house in Pacific Beach, California. Surrounded by refuse and unwashed kitchen-ware they invaded the night with noises deemed intoxicating by the local populace. It was too intoxicating for some, however. Soon the lord of the land pushed open the front door and assaulted lead shredman Loren Perleman with a right jab to the shoulder. Loren, glowering as he turned his hulking frame towards the nuisance, wondered what madness drove this deranged person to take on someone approximately twice his size.
Since then the boys of Trisula: Michael Occhicone (vocals, guitar), Loren Perleman (guitar, vocals), Jason Jenofsky (bass) and Andy Gilbert (drums), have been inciting passionate response throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. After winning the Battle of the Bands competition at Dreamstreet in the summer of 2006, the band entered Strate Sound Recording Studios to work on their first album with producer/engineer Alan Sanderson. The result was a unique sounding rock album that invigorates from start to finish, titled Our Pieces Came From Exploding Stars.
Contained within Trisula is a creative spark and passion for making music shared amongst four dedicated, accomplished musicians. Michael Occhicone has been writing songs and playing guitar for the past thirteen years and is influenced by most things he remembers and many things he can't. Andy Gilbert has been drumming for well over a decade and brings a unique mix of influences to Trisula. His playing touches on flavors from jazz, funk, rock, and R&B, and he's always bringing some ferocious drum smashing into the fold. Loren Perelman has been playing for quite some time, but it wasn't until this, his eighth year of guitar aerobics that he unleashed the fury contained deep within his fingertips and Les Paul. Jason Janofsky is the madman holding down the low end. He is capable of exceptional flights of fancy on the bass that hold the whole band together in the form of one four-headed mythological beast that is set to conquer the known universe.
If you're aching for unique rock music, then this is a band you don't want to miss.

Much Love,

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