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Indiana, United States

Power Pop / Rock

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Kasey, Molly and Kelly McCormick were born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana in a home that was always filled with music. Both their mom and dad had a deep appreciation for music.Their mom sang in choir and their dad played the trumpet.
By the time the girl's were in grade school they were already accustomed to being in the public eye, performing at any chance that was given to them, whether it was a church function, a birthday party or a local fair. Their High School years saw Kasey, Molly and Kelly being even more involved in their music as they appeared in various musicals as well as being members of the First Edition Choir and The Varsity Singers. As if this wasn’t already enough, they also became part of a jazz oriented band called “Cumberland Avenue”.

After graduating High School, Kasey and Kelly moved on to Butler University while Molly attended Purdue University. During this period they further explored their passion for music and spent many hours of their time rehearsing, writing songs and performing at many events. Soon they were given the opportunity to sing at a Major League Baseball game performing their original rendition of the National Anthem. Their unique, close harmony was an immediate crowd pleaser and they were soon invited to sing at other Major League games. It’s become a tradition with the girls’ that continues to this day.

The girl’s began touring , but came back to Indiana to perform quite regularly. It was during one of these appearances on a Saturday afternoon in Connersville, Indiana that Trilogy caught the eye, and evidently the ear, of the President of Banner Records. They were subsequently signed to the label and within three months Kasey, Kelly and Molly found themselves recording in the studio surrounded by some of the finest musicians and studio personnel in the business. These sessions produced their sensational debut release single “LIAR”.

When Kasey, Kelly and Molly aren’t on stage or in the studio you’ll find them playing tennis, horseback riding, listening to all genres of music, spending time with family and friends….. and shopping, of course.
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