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Illinois, United States

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The hustle. The flow. The discovery of this amazing music. Itís hip hop, itís jazz, itís rock, itís gospel, the music is live. Treologic has proven over the years that it knows how to entertain a crowd as well as deliver a great recording, year after year.

Treo started from a jazz organ trio (organ, guitar, drums) out of the Depaul School of music tradition. In a series of personnel changes, an MC was added, then a DJ, horns singers, percussion - all part of the quest to find the musical voice that is Treologic. Now the group has been scaled down to a 5 piece progressive hip hop unit consisting of drums, bass, keyboards, turntables, and an MC. The future is in the sound and staying true to the roots of Chicago hip hop, jazz, gospel, neo-soul and rock. The message of the music has always been heavily infused with a street sensibility. Creating music with hard beats, jazzy flavors, chops with simplicity, Treologic is always keeping a lyrical flow that is reminiscent of Jay-Z, Nas, or Black Thought. The group has often been compared to The Roots, J5, Tribe Called Quest, and
Floetry. While such comparisons definitely have some validity, make no mistake: the sound is original, cutting edge, and catchy.

Through tours ranging from New York City and the East Coast to Los Angeles and the West Coast, Treologichas thrilled crowds across the nation. Still they have built a strong home base with their rabid Midwest following. In 2005, Treologic won the Discmakers Independent Music World Series-Midwest! Treo has performed with the legends like Talib Kweli, The Beatnuts, The Roots, Heiruspecs, Liquid Soul, and the Youngblood Brass Band. They have played great festivals including Wakarusa, The Taste of Chicago,Summercamp, FUNK Fest, and several Music Industry Conferences. In all, Treo has performed on average 70-80 shows a year for the last 5 years - thatís over 400 shows!

Treologic's discography is impressive as well: They've put out a series of releases that started with Whatís the Question in 2003, and continued with MixTape in 2004, and Thank You Lenny in 2005, Colabo will be released late summer of 2008. As impressive as that list is, it doesn't include countless mix tapes circulated throughout the nation.

Treologic is once again on the rise - constantly recording and representing the great music in Chicago and the great culture of hip hop. We are committed to providing great quality music to the people for thePeopleís sake. Its the hustle and the flow that Treo has to make it in this bizz - count on it.
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