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Tony Zobeck
Tony Zobeck

La Crosse
Wisconsin, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Folk Rock

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Blues-tinged acoustic rock is in its peak form when written and performed by such talent as Tony Zobeck. This brilliant musician has mastered the quiet but compelling power of acoustic music, drawing on the classic power of blues as well as his own soul’s internal fire.

Making Sense

Music for Zobeck is about making sense of life. Music channels the emotions and events of our lives into nuggets of song that entertain us and also offer catharsis. “Music gives me the ability to make sense of my life. It allows me to delve into the happy moments, the struggles and everyday stressors that define who we are and in turn makes everything seem so clear.” Few artists can deliver songs that boast the potency of expression and lucidity with which Zobeck’s songcraft is infused.

My Stories and Yours

Music allows great songwriters to find peace through the sharing of their own tales while simultaneously offering a journey of self-discovery to the listener. There is a universality of experience that a talented artist can touch upon to find the common denominator between performer and audience. “To me, music is a form of self-expression, an art form that allows one to not only relay their stories with others, but also help others understand their own perceptions of life through music.”

The Artist at Work

Zobeck has a number of venues scheduled to bring his impassioned music on the stage throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. And that’s just the start of spreading the word. He has recently completed his debut solo effort, a CD entitled “Mourning the Cause.” Zobeck is busy promoting the new release. He is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Tony Zobeck has struck a surprising and unique chord in the realm of music.” – A&R Select

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Visit Tony Zobeck's Official Myspace today!

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