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Toni Kinion
Toni Kinion

Alabama, United States

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The Visualization...

When you think about music today, what comes to mind? Letís start with hip-hop. Guys rhyming about ice and 26ís, paint jobs and pretty girls, and every other element that makes up urban culture. And thatís fine. Itís also profitable. How about R&B? Lots of cute faces, pretty voices mixed with exciting dance moves. And thatís even better. What about Gospel? Glory and praise mixed with thumping beats, melodic music, and beautiful lyrics.

All of these, along with Rock, Pop, Neo-Soul, and Country, are all dominating the charts, and the urban entertainment economy. Cultures thrive on music. People look to it as a means of direction. We all have a favorite musical act that we are willing to pay good money to enjoy and that is the goal Coccroach Records has in sight, to create and operate the first, yes, the first and only all-purpose, major multi-genre record label and entertainment Company in the South, primarily Alabama.

Talent is walking and breathing in this state, but that same talent is so often forced to run to other states to be properly heard and produced. There is not one major label in this state, if and when that void is filled; this can be a very profitable and thriving company.

Everything from a professional recording facility, promotional company, song production team, song writers, graphics, choreography, and professional management; we are the only company prepared to launch all of the facets of the music entertainment industry right now, and service all of the major needs necessary for an artist to be successful.

Coccroach Records is on the verge of being one of the most sucessful recording companies in the south.
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