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Todd Lorenz
Todd Lorenz

Wisconsin, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Blues

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Todd Lorenz is an acoustic artist whose music is rooted in blues and rock, and includes healthy measures of folk and bluegrass. He was born in Orange, CA and has spent most of his life in southern California, including graduating from Musician’s Institute in 1989. He then relocated to San Diego, CA where he fronted a few bands and began playing solo acoustic music with a small degree of success.

In December of 1998, he relocated to Phoenix, AZ and continued playing solo, making an impact on the local coffeehouse scene, and was the only solo act to make the finals of the Arizona Blues Showdown in 2000. In April of 2006, he moved again, buying a home near Monroe, a small town in south central WI.

He has released 5 CDs independently, starting with Even My Shoes got the Blues in 1999. Reflections followed in 2001 and Here I Stand debuted in 2004. In 2007, Todd released two albums simultaneously.

My Blues consists of 20 selections from his first three albums that were rerecorded in order to better serve as an introduction to his earlier work. These songs were chosen based on consistent audience reaction and also include some of Todd’s favorites.

Live, Love, Learn, Sing! is made up of 14 brand new songs that are all deeply personal with diverse subject matter than includes life, death, love, suicide, persistence, self awareness, and fate. The lyrics find a way to provoke thought in the listener, often managing to do so with a dose of humor. The music successfully blends elements of blues, folk, rock, bluegrass, and country, forming what might best be called Americana.

2007 also sees Todd’s return to what he does best - playing live music, where it continues to be his goal to move people on an emotional level, drawing on his deep, resonant voice, tasteful guitar work, and a storyteller’s knack for interacting with and entertaining his audience.

“Show me something, touch my soul. Bring a tear to my eye. Make it real; I wanna feel like I’m really alive.”

- Feel Alive, Todd Lorenz
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