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Todd Berry
Todd Berry

Galloway Ohio
Ohio, United States

Country / Country Blues

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Todd has been singing and
performing since the age of nine and is now 31 years old and still works
hard for his fans,the money,and the dream. Though Todd was born
legally blind he never let is hold him back from the first and the last thing
on his mind The Music.Todd is an upcoming country artist out of Muncie
Indiana,and has just signed with us Spotlight Records. WE have invested
time and efferts in Todds career by impoving Todd's image and look in
hopes to make Todd Berry a headlineing act. Todd comes from a wide
variety of great music 50s & 60s,80s Rock,Blues, Pop, infliences such
as Elvis Presley,Garth Brooks,Huey Lewis, Lynrd Skynrd, Metallica,and
Toby Keith.and so much more It' eems funny but when you put all of
these elements together with a little fiddle & steel guitar you get todays
modern country music. Other than singing cover songs, Todd is also a
songwritter and producer of original music.If you ever get a chance to
hear Todd Berry Live ,don't miss it. Todd will sing straight from the heart
and will amaze you with his vocal range. Thank you for visiting
and we hope to see you soon
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