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Todd Alt
Todd Alt

Florida, United States

Rock / Pop

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Hailing from Tampa Florida, guitarist, singer/songwriter Todd Alt is captivating listeners with his new album, Nocturnal Puppets. This recently released album is a continuation of his self titled release, TODD ALT. The underlying acoustic guitar with impressive guitar solos demonstrates high jinks that only a true seasoned professional musician can score. He describes his style as a conglomeration that evolved from Midwest and Southern roots as well as an overall appreciation for various types of music. It lures in listeners and leaves them yearning for more.

Todd has been writing and recording music for over twenty five years. He first established himself as a guitarist in the mid 80s and early 90s while touring and recording with several different bands that included Wildside and Big Trouble. Todds recent release was preempted by a brief interlude from the music industry to obtain a Bachelor and Masters Degree. After completion of his degrees, Todd stated, It was either pursue my education further or follow my heart which is music. I followed my heart. Todd continues to write and record new music.
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