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Virginia, United States

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Mrs. Latisia Renee Wood, known by most as Tisa (Tee-sah) has always known her gift was to sing. She began singing at an early age and throughout high school, Tisa was the lead vocalist in her own band, winning talent contests and performing at venues in the Ft. Pierce Florida area. After college, to which she earned a full scholarship for basketball, Tisa married and now has 3 children. During this time she stayed involved in church, performing the occasional Sunday morning solo, and after much prayer and soul searching, Tisa made the decision to use her vocal ability to sing exclusively in the Gospel/Inspirational music arena. She knew now that her true calling was to inspire, uplift, exhort and positively impact individuals for Christ. Since then, Tisa has been the winner of contests at local radio stations as well as a semi finalist in Bishop Paul Morton's Gospel Dream Talent Search. In 2000 and 2002, Tisa once again won talent contests as 'lead vocalist' of a trio and as ' solo female vocalist'. She has appeared on TBN'S Praise The Lord-Jacksonville FL. Also Tisa has opened for BIU and VICKIE WINANS and showcased at Teresa Hairston's GHF conference 2005 in Atlanta. She is a finalist of Daywind?s Exalting Him talent Search televised to over 90 million households via TBN. Her songs Psalm 151 and Ordinary Woman, are in rotation in several radio stations nationally.
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