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Tim Louie
Tim Louie

Saddle Brook
New Jersey, United States

Hard Rock / Modern Rock

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Hostel Inc. is the ‘unholy’ union consisting of members from a few of New Jersey’s more popular local bands and former MCA Recording Artists’ Spread Eagle frontman, Ray West. Bassist, Chigger spent most of 2007 as part of Ray West’s touring solo band, as well as pulling double duty with his popular NJ-based band, Smoke Star. After touring and sparking some interest, Ray and Chigger decided to start writing music together. Drummer Jeff Hardee, formerly of NJ-based Syndrome 8, was discovered through a lengthy audition process of drummers. Guitarist, Dennis or Diamond Den, as he likes to be called, is another veteran to the New Jersey scene with his bands Quick Kill Formula and Committe of Thirteen, was recently added to the line-up due to the sudden departure of Hostel Inc. co-founder Steve Ladd. Together, Hostel Inc. displays the epitome of hard work; talent, incredible songwriting, and unbelievable stage energy that most unsigned bands can't top, which makes the future of Hostel Inc. look tremendous! Stay tuned!
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