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Tim Korry
Tim Korry

Wisconsin, United States

Indie Rock / Modern Rock

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About Tim Korry
The journey started in 1987 when I picked up my first guitar. Classical and Jazz lessons were helpful, but the true learning came from within and developed through the years. I've played with country-punk bands, metal bands, psychedelic bands, and classic rock cover bands. Now is the time to reveal the music that keeps springing up inside. Integrity, passion, and honesty come through in the music. I let it speak for itself. It has a spirit, and if you listen closely you will find it.

Bands: True Logic (proggressive metal)
Rhinocerotic (psychedelic groove rock )
While in Rhinocerotic played Jenny Jones Show, opened for Green Day, Badfinger, post Black Crowes, Summerfest, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cleveland. Released two CD's.
The DFlowers(heavy riff rock) Summerfest, Wisconsin State Fair, Riversplash, Harley 100th Anniverary. Released one CD. Follow up CD due out this year.
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