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Tiffany Randol
Tiffany Randol

New York, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Alternative

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iffany's parents were concerned. Night after night, their three year-old would wake up at 3:00 AM, blast 45s on her Fisher Price record player, and run around her bedroom naked with a paintbrush in hand. Unsure of how to deal with the situation, they brought her to a child psychologist, who after multiple sessions diagnosed Tiffany as "an artist" and told her parents to "put plastic on the walls, wear ear-plugs, and encourage her." Since then Tiff has been involved with anything creative she could get her hands on, from music and visual art to theater and dance. She has studied and performed all styles of music from classical to jazz, assisted in audio engineering at top-tier recording studios, painted, and acted in commercials and film.

Lead singer and primary songwriter for VALEZE, the band has toured the US, been quoted as a Do or Die DIY band, The Deli Magazine's top 10 NYC bands for '06, and performed live on Fox TV's Fearless Music program and GOOD DAY NY alongside of notable acts such as Imogen Heap, Sugarcult, Gym Class Heroes and more.

Most recently, Tiff was acknowledged by The Songwriters Hall of Fame as a new up and coming writer for '07, licensed her song "Me and You" to MTV. She has just finished her self-produced debut solo record, featuring performances by Dennis Cahlo (Saints and Lovers, Realistics), Mikki James (Thin Lizard Dawn), Fred Armisen (SNL), Joe Bennett, RJ Osterhaudt, Greg McMullen (Hula), Erin Hill, and Miles Kennedy. She also scored the music for "Meg's Song", an independent feature starring Stella Keitel (daughter of Harvey Keitel).

Other recording credits include various commercial jingles, collaborations with New York DJ Rob Swift, and guest vocals on several European dance tracks. Tiffany has had the opportunity to perform live with many of her heroes, including Jimmy Webb, R&B legend Ronnie Spector, Michael Cerveris, Philip Glass, Nada Surf singer Mathew Caws, Ween, and They Might Be Giants' John Flansbergh.

Tiff is also working with BJ Ramone on creating a non profit organization called The Space, supporting the development of songwriters based in New York City.
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