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Tiffany Lake
Tiffany Lake

New York, United States

Experimental / Jam Bands

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Charlie Mirro (guitar & vocals) and Tom Groney (guitar & vocals) intuitively interact in typical Gemini fashion. Their rapport is shared by fellow Long Islanders Jim Fontana (bass) & Mike O'Rourke (drums).
Movementís experimental music infuses jam, rock, blues, bluegrass, jazz, funk, reggae, techno, rockabilly, surf, soul and trance, to name a few. While cycling through their many influences, Movement always maintains their own easily accessible sound.
Movement was created in September 2002 as the brain child of Charlie Mirro and Tom Groney at an open mic at Fadeley's Deli Pub in Patchogue, New York. They blend their eclectic influences into an original and innovative sound. Performing with intense energy, this band balances mind numbing jams with thoughtful and powerful lyrics. They earn their supportive fanbase through playing with all the passion, joy, sadness and bliss that anyone possibly can. Their music appeals to people of all ages and lovers of all genres.
Through progressive playing, practice and writing-both in and out of the studio-they continue on their journey to create songs which touch the souls of many listeners. New songs are being added frequently. They look forward to continuing to write, relate to, and surprise everyone who shares in this magical journey with them.
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