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Welcome to the Hotel
#68 in Electronic SongVault Certified
Welcome to the Hotel
Soundtracks For Sunrise
Length: 3:44
On Network Since May 29, 2007
Chakra Superstar
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Chakra Superstar
A Magnificent Beautiful Day
Length: 4:58
On Network Since May 29, 2007
We Wait For Sunrise
#185 in Electronic SongVault Certified
We Wait For Sunrise
Soundtracks For Sunrise
Length: 4:17
On Network Since May 29, 2007
The Winston Giles Orchestra
SongVault Certified Artist The Winston Giles Orchestra

Victoria, Australia

Downtempo / Chillout / Lounge

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Since the release of the debut album “Soundtracks for Sunrise” in December of 2004, Australia’s The Winston Giles Orchestra have been presenting a new and unique sound that has permeated through to fans of all styles of music.

Warm and emotive, quirky and uplifting, yet at times dark and brooding - The WGO’s sound has created a new beginning for those who enjoy real music - with more than a twist !

Ambient? Lounge? Chill-out? Downtempo? Psy-Trance? Electronic? Psychadelic? Rock?
The sound of The Winston Giles Orchestra illuminates all these styles with its electronic approach and the use of fresh beats and samples, but also creates something very real and genuine by featuring real instrumentation from melodic guitars and synths to brass and woodwind.

The orchestra sound is filled with many different sounds and varying moods. Whilst the presence of beats and the influences of dance music lays a modern bed to the sound, familiar licks of rock and guitar based bands such as Pink Floyd and even Led Zeppelin present themselves, but are not obvious, rather woven into the modern electronic canvas.

Winston has a background in both rock and dance, and spent 8 years fronting an art/punk band called Floor 13 that began in Melbourne Australia and would keep him busy in America for six years.
After returning to Australia, Winston’s lust for fresh sounds saw him involve himself in the local emerging dance music scene, working with many local D.J’s and producers and culminating in a project called - Atari Baby - releasing several albums and many remixes and videos under the moniker .

In early 2004 Winston met local producer C.j. Dolan, who was behind techno outfit - Quench. Winston had been writing new material in search of a new sound and at the beginning of winter 2004, the pair began recording and mixing the debut album – Soundtracks for Sunrise. After four months in the studio the result was an album that continues to grow around the world.

The album was first released in Australia in December 2004 and immediately graced the local airwaves becoming album of the week on radio stations and receiving awesome reviews.
Whilst eclectic and unpredictable, the warm, dreamy and emotive feel to the album was perfect for the late night retreats of clubbers and ravers thirsty for a different sound.
Tracks such as "We Wait For Sunrise", "Welcome to the hotel" and "Golden", express a heartfelt warmth, whilst the Spanish dance floor influenced "The Banished Matadors" and the quirky "A Little Song", take you to very different worlds .

The second album – part of a series of four - , “was released in November 2005, and continues the theme of a perfect and magical day.

The new album features eleven songs written by Giles, with bouncy grooves and beats, smooth gentle guitars and sexy horns. It provides a magical escape and highlights further the imaginative mix of different themes that make the Winston Giles Orchestra albums truly unique.
From the Spaghetti Western/Lost Highway influences on the track "Theme from Burning Winchesters", to the dark and raunchy "Secrets to Love", and the heartfelt vocal driven single – "All for You", there is equally as much cerebral stimulation on the new album as with the debut, yet tracks like "Going Up in a Rocket" and "Not a cloud in the sky", cruise with a vibrancy and pace more suited for the brilliant days of summer as oppossed to the early hours of the morning that Soundtrack for Sunrise gels with.

Concerts by The Winston Giles Orchestra are equally as intriguing as the music.
Live the band consists of Winston Giles on guitars and vocals, and Dorian West on Horns/Keyboards/Beats. Concerts also feature theatrical surprises and amazing performers making up the colorful shows.

In 2006 the band went on their first overseas tour, performing at festivals and clubs across the UK and The USA. The band garnered much radio play overseas including BBC radio one in the UK and much college radio play in the USA including KCRW in Los Angeles.

The WGO have been performing at Australia’s clubs and festivals over the 2006/2007 summer, including shows in Federation Square in Melbourne and The “Kiss My Grass” festival at The Music Bowl In Melbourne, also festivals including the “Playground Weekender” Festival in Sydney and The “Maitreya” festival in Victoria.

The band’s first two albums will be released overseas in 2007, with "Soundtracks for Sunrise" due for release on UK label - 3 Beat - in July, with plans to tour UK, Europe and USA again in 2007.

Work on the third album has begun, with Winston working with DJ's and producers Derek K, Todd Watson and C.J. Dolan. The new album "From Dusk to Decadence" presents a change in direction and is a darker and more rocky but still dancefloor/upbeat album and will be released August 2007.

The Winston Giles Orchestra is a unique and very special Australian musical experience.
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